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We are often asked what tech tools we use in our business. Great sound is critical if you’re doing video or audio recording, or even Zoom video meetings. With the number of videos, podcast recordings and live videos we do, Krisp noise removal is a miracle worker for our business! We are an affiliate, only because we love it SO much. Having a clean audio track to work with saves us a mountain of time and money in editing.

Watch our review/demo on Krisp noise removal

Jump over to YouTube and check out our demo as you won’t believe it till you see and hear it in action.


Krisp noise removal transcript

This is just a quick demonstration of how Krisp works. Krisp was a little tool I found mentioned by someone and I thought, oh my gosh, this sounds amazing. I tried it out and it is AMAZING. It is incredible.

So at the moment, I have my Rode microphone, this thing here, connected to the Krisp platform. So it’s connected to a little widget, a little app, and you basically set it up. Very simple, very easy.

Krisp is easy to set-up

You just say choose your microphone and say in the Krisp thing. I just say, use Rode microphone. And then when I’m in my app like ZOOM,  I select use the Krisp microphone.

So you set it up. Very simple to do. And what it does is, at the moment my solar water is going off of my head.

You won’t be able to hear that. My fan on my computer is going because it’s warm. My cat’s little bell is going tinkle, tinkle in the background. But also I’ll give you a demo.

Noise removal, near or far in relation to the microphone

I’m going to rub my hands together. You can see I’m rubbing my hands together. This makes some noise. I’ve got them right over the microphone. And yet, you won’t be able to hear that [much]. Same if I clap. Sudden noises, they get wiped out as well.

Noise removal even tapping on the microphone

Even get the pen, tapping on the microphone. So I’m tapping. That should be really annoying. And I can see just by the bar going, that it’s not. Now what happens when I turn Krisp off.


With Krisp off you can hear the difference

So I’m going to change my Krisp setting in Zoom back to my microphone – Rode microphone. So now if I tap, I can see that you can hear that. If I clap, you can hear me clapping, and if I rub, can hear me rubbing. So that is what Krisp does.

Krisp noise removal has a free and paid version (for unlimited minutes)

So if I turn Krisp back on, Krisp is amazing and it is free. So you can get a free one and it gives you a certain number of minutes per month. And then you can do the paid one. It is US$5 a month (USD, subject to change), and you can pay for in advance, and I am an affiliate with them. So you can also buy it through me, and that will obviously help me out, because I get a little bit in the back pocket. But, it is an AMAZING tool, and I highly recommend it.

Trial Krisp noise removal for yourself

There is a free version or an annual fee (currently $60USD for a year). This is peanuts compared to how much editing time you save!

Download or buy Krisp now (affiliate link):

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