Tea time tips – business tips series

Our Tea Time Tips (TTT) series was designed to offer a shorter version of a lunch ‘n’ learn. So grab a cuppa tea, and sit down and learn something you can use in your business. It’s also a great way of trialling our training for FREE. This page lets you know how to access our Tea Time Tips business tips series, and the topics we’ve featured so far.



Tea Time Tips - LIVE

Every week or two we will go LIVE and FREE on our FAQ Business Training Facebook page and on our Founder Jane Tweedy’s personal LinkedIn profile. Be sure to follow one or both of those, and on Facebook choose to be notified each time we go live as times and topics will vary! Attending live lets you ask any questions on the topic and get an on-the-spot-answer.

If you miss the live Tea Time Tips session, never fear! We will have multiple ways for you to catch-up on these sessions at your leisure.



Ways to access past Tea Time Tips

You can access our Tea Time Tips through a variety of channels. Until all our episodes appear here on the blog (linked to the video on our YouTube channel), please note the letters in brackets below indicate which channel the topics are available on.


Full replays on social media (S)

If you want the full replay as it happened, then please access the replay from Facebook or LinkedIn. Replays are up typically a few minutes after the live finishes.

These are as is, basic free versions, and you’ll need to scroll through the social feeds to access (but you may find other items of interest). 🙂


YouTube Channel (Y)

Did you know we have a YouTube Channel? 

You can subscribe and get notified when we upload our Tea Time Tips to YouTube.

These videos are cleaned up a bit (so they will be a bit delayed) and have subtitles and timestamps to help find what you need to know quicker! Videos are searchable.


On our blog (B)

Our blog is the place to go if you prefer to read or skim the content. Topics are searchable.

Each blog has the video embedded plus a full transcript with timestamped headings.

Our blogs go up with a delay to the original recording, so you may find newer tips are not up yet. While on our blog please check out our other blogs 🙂


Online school (OS)

Our online school will allow you to access the recording still for free (if you are enrolled in our online school (free)).

However, if you want access to the slide pack and and an easy way to access mentioned resources, then you can pay a small fee to access.

Check out our other training offers while you’re there!

Topics we have covered in our Tea Time Tips series

The topics below include letters after them. The letters indicate which of the above channels you can currently find the Tea Time Tip on while we clear our backlog!

Tea Time Tip 001 - Mind your language (S, Y, B)

The lifelong impact words have and why we need to mind our language when talking to others and in our own self-talk.

Tea Time Tip 002 - Risk and Insurance (S, Y)

A topic which doesn’t get much air time but can be critical when things go wrong. If you’re in business this is worth a watch!

Tea Time Tip 003 - Buyer Persona and Ideal Client Avatar (S, Y, B)

We get into some detail about target markets, niches and Ideal Client Avatars (ICA) and why this is so important.

Tea Time Tip 004 - Problem clients (S)

Why the client isn’t always right or suitable to be our client. How to deal with problem clients and learn to say no politely.

Tea Time Tip 005 - Should you discount? EXTENDED TTT (S)

This is an extended length tea time tip where we get into a LOT of detail about discounting and whether it’s for you!

Tea Time Tip 006 - Reduce Your Expenses and Save Money (S, Y, B)

This topic was prompted when things were going badly for people during lockdown 2020. For anyone struggling check this out!

Tea Time Tip 007 - Creating additional income streams (S)

When you need or want to have additional aligned ways to make money, then this session is for you! Lots of ideas to make $.

Tea Time Tip 008 - Communicating on LinkedIn (S)

LinkedIn is a way too under-utilised tool which allows for great ways to build rapport and connections remotely. We show how!

Tea Time Tip 009 - What keywords are for SEO (S)

Keywords are the foundation for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and every business owner needs to learn about them!

Do you have any requests for future Tea Time Tips?

If there are any topics you’d like us to cover in a future Tea Time Tips LIVE please let us know and we can look at adding in a session for you! Often we create topics based on what we see happening online in forums, or because of an event we have coming up. However, if you have an idea we’re happy to attempt to accommodate!

Let us know your idea!

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