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FAQ Business Training recognises especially in times of crisis, your business may have to save money by reducing business expenses. Through our Coping With Crisis blog and video series our day 5 was devoted to saving money by reducing expenses. There’s only so much you can cover in a blog and video. So we created an accompanying opt-in 30 page guide, containing at least 74 ways How to Reduce Your Business Expenses. 

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Ideas to save you money in your business


Grab your our Guide and join the optional #faqbusinesssave100 challenge

It’s all very well to watch our video below or flick through our great guide, but without action nothing happens!

So introducing the:

#faqbusinesssave100 challenge

o  Request the How to Reduce Your Business Expenses guide below

o  Refer the tips in the guide, and optionally print off the 3 page checklist included within

o  Share on your socials once you’ve saved at least $100 from our tips using the hashtag #faqbusinesssave100

o  Ideally share how you made the saving

We will share on a social post (Facebook or Instagram) and include in a blog, linking to your business (if you give us permission).

Coping With Crisis Series 

We cut our Coping with Crisis series short, in the spirit of what we shared day 1 and 2! 2020 saw our workload go through the roof as we helped small businesses navigate their way through Covid-19. It consisted of 9 videos and accompanying blog transcripts. We covered a wide variety of mindset, planning, money and marketing topics. Day 5 of the blog covers Coping With Crisis – Save Money by Reducing Business Expenses. We replaced the series with normal business tips and in June 2021 introduced a LIVE series – Tea Time Tips. Join us on Facebook for these sessions. 

You can check out the video below, or you can read the transcript on the blog.

If you’d like to check out other videos or transcripts from the series, you can go back to our Day 1 blog – Don’t Do It All!  

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