Are you running on empty with a massive to-do list? Do you know you may be better to drop it all and take a break than risking burning out? After all what do you want said at your eulogy – you were busy or you were a great friend?

This is an episode in thought leadership and is intended to challenge you to think.

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FAQ Business Podcast S2 Ep13 Avoid burnout – take a break transcript


This is a super quick podcast to remind you, sometimes we just need to let it go and take a break. Stephen Covey of Seven Habits of Highly Successful People fame and others talk about keeping the end in mind. This can be your goal, even your business exiting, or without getting too morbid, it could be your own end of life and what people would say about you then.

00:29 Welcome to the FAQ Business Podcast

Welcome to the FAQ Business Podcast for business owners, covering four pillars actionable education, inspiring leaders, businesses like you, and thought leadership, where we challenge your thinking.

Hosted by myself, Jane Tweedy. I’m founder and lead trainer of FAQ Business Training, where we want to avoid you getting ripped off or ripping yourself off. We’ll feature an amazing diversity of guests with lots to educate and inspire you. Let’s jump into today’s episode of the FAQ Business Podcast.

01:06 Short and sweet – I need a break!

Thanks for tuning in again to the FAQ Business Podcast. Again, brought to you by myself, Jane Tweedy solo. Today’s episode is short and sweet, because I need a few days off before I burn out, which is going to help no one, me included.

01:25 What do you want people to say about you?

So back to the end in mind, what do you want people to say on your headstone or at your eulogy when you pass? Jane was such a hard worker. Jane was busy. Jane met her deadlines. No, well, me neither.

Things about being a good person or a good human, and leaving some sort of legacy and positive impact, is really what I would like to see instead. So me being busy and doing all the stuff, and doing the to-do list, is not necessarily going to get me to where I want to be in the end.

02:02 Your to-do list may be long and self-inflicted

Even though your to-do list may be long, and trust me, I doubt yours is as long as mine. You may feel really under the pump. Although often this is our own doing, particularly in a micro business, sometimes it’s more a staffing issue.

02:20 For many it’s due to staffing shortages for instance in security

In fact, just today I was reading a post from a local business owner, Gina Field of Nepean Regional Security, and she was saying like many industries, the security industry is really suffering from staff shortages. So much so, that our new found love to get back to music festivals and things, is being curtailed because a lot of the festivals are having to cancel because they do not have the security staff, they do not have the trained RSA staff, the responsible service of alcohol. And that is causing a major issue.

02:53 Hard to get someone qualified in security

But the problem with security is someone can’t just jump from being nothing to being a security person like that. You can understand why it’s security, but still, they have to go on a 15 day full-time training course, and then on top of that do another six to nine weeks application to get a security licence before they can contemplate starting work. The problem with that is people aren’t actually seeing it through, because they can’t sit there and wait not getting paid while they’re waiting for their licence. And this is causing a major issue.

03:26 Weather impacted industries are suffering too

Other industries have suffered, particularly those that are weather affected. So things like builders, particularly things like roofers. And I saw another post about a roofing company that is having people work on Easter Saturday. And in New South Wales, Easter Saturday is actually a deemed public holiday.

03:45 Public Holidays can hurt small businesses

That means there’s actually four public holidays in a row in New South Wales, which is incredibly hard on small businesses. So if her staff under the building construction award that she’s under, if they work on Saturday, they get paid to 250% of their normal rate, two and a half times their normal rate. So the thing is you’ve got to be really mindful of this as a business owner. But for them, they’re playing catch-up, because they had so much weather work cancelled.

04:14 You can’t work on rooves in the pouring rain

You can’t do rooves in the pouring rain, you can’t do rooves when it’s flooding. It just doesn’t work. So the problem with all this, is it’s leading people like Gina, or that second company, to have to go back on the tools. They have to be hands-on. Which means they’re not taking the time to do the things they need to do to run their businesses, to get through their to-do lists. They are busy back on the tools, dealing with their clients.

04:39 Feels like I’m going nowhere forwards fast

For me personally, at the moment, it really feels I’m going nowhere forwards fast.  It is really frustrating. Crikey. I haven’t even invoiced back to the start of March. We’re talking six weeks ago. That is really bad. And obviously that has flow-on effects and repercussions for cash flow and things. Clearly I need to get that sorted before my insurance renewal, otherwise I’m not going to be able to pay it.

05:03 Running on empty is not tenable

But the whole point is this is not tenable. Running on empty like this is not tenable.

I did three near all-nighters this week. So when I’m saying near all-nighters, I mean I got like an hour or so sleep on those nights. That is not good. And I barely scratched the surface of my to-do list, so it’s not going anywhere fast. As I said, it’s very frustrating.

05:28 Need to take a break!

But what also is not tenable, is continuing to work that hard. To continue that workload without taking a break is exceptionally dangerous. So regardless of the crazy workload, it will wait until my return. I absolutely NEED to take some time off.

05:48 Camping with no mobile phone coverage

What better way to do that than to head off camping? Thankfully, during a sunny period of time, to a place where there is actually, we’re pretty sure, no cellphone coverage. Sweet. It forces me to have to shut down. We’re camping. We do not have power either.

06:07 No power either

We’re not taking a generator or anything. So we’ll only have minor sort of power to power things like our fridge. Because that’s what happens in modern camping. You’re going to take some modern devices with you, like a fridge.

06:20 Forced time out

It’s a forced time out, a forced time off tools, off systems, off computers, off phones, which is good.

So my intention for these days is to have some R’n’R, some rest and relaxation time and enjoy the sun, get some vitamin D, which my body really needs because I do have a deficiency in vitamin D. I’m going to enjoy time socialising. There’s a really good bunch that are going, and we’ll have a good time around the campfire, etcetera.

06:51 Do a little work – more a brain dump

I will do a little bit of work though, so probably the key thing I need to get done though is a brain dump. And I do have a blog and video on this on my website. if you are interested in checking that out.

The brain dump is really just to get all this jumble out of my head and down onto paper. Because I immediately know that when I do that exercise it just helps me to calm, and to just feel that sense of calm for a wee while, which is good, and I really need that at the moment.

07:23 Help get back on track

I really do need to get things back on track after an incredibly busy time and a chaotic last couple of years let’s face it.

07:31 Lined up some additional help

I have also lined up potentially, I’ve got to test them out, some help for some specific tasks, which may help me get things back on track a little bit with some of the work, particularly for my membership.

07:44 Is hiring a help or a hindrance

But like anything we outsource or delegate new, there is always time involved in doing that. And again, I am the bottleneck in that. And remember I had a podcast on that in season one about is hiring a help or a hindrance. And it certainly can feel like a hindrance when we first do it. Because there’s so much effort from our part, to make sure that we’ve created processes, we’ve created documentation and we’ve passed it on appropriately. We’ve made sure that they’ve understood it, we’ve made sure that we’ve checked that it works and that we’re getting done what we need to get done.

08:21 Will get worse before it gets better

Because otherwise, what ends up happening, it comes back, we end up redoing it, we end up frustrated. We end up back doing it ourselves, which serves no purpose whatsoever. So I know that it is going to get worse before it gets better. So for now, I’m going to head off, get this quickly edited.

08:41 Do you need a break? Yes? TAKE ONE!

My challenge to you therefore, because this again is one of these thought leadership type exercises. Do you need to take a break? And yes, I mean, even if you are really under the pump. If you need a break, please take one. You’ll be no help to anybody if you burn out. You’re no help to anyone if you don’t spend time with your family and friends. Remember to keep the end in mind. What do you want to be said on your headstone or in your eulogy? Are you living the life that will get you there? Thanks for listening in. I’m Jane Tweedy and this has been the FAQ Business Podcast.

09:27 Thanks for listening to the FAQ Business Podcast

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Today’s podcast episode featured our host Jane Tweedy. Her details are as follows:

Jane is a Professional Certified Coach with International Coaching Federation (PCC with ICF), business advisor and trainer. She loves working with growing small to medium business owners who are doing the right thing, to help them do it right! Currently, Jane offers at least 50 live sessions a year to train small business owners.

Jane offers a variety of services to clients and her online school and membership site went live late 2021. Jane’s focus for 2022 is building the membership and online school out further, and offering implementable small group training – something she finds is often the missing link.

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