Preferred Suppliers

As selected and used by FAQ Business Training or favourably endorsed by our community

We know how difficult it can be to choose great suppliers, so we’d like to help you by sharing our preferred suppliers. We will share here businesses we deal with and use ourselves, businesses we respect as leaders in their field but we don’t deal with directly, and businesses where we have gotten to know the business owners and respect their ethics and attitude. Please note things change over time so check back here next time you need to use a product or service. 

Some preferred suppliers have affiliate links

If we have an affiliate link in place we provide full disclosure. However, we will NEVER endorse a product or service just to receive a fee. We need to genuinely believe in the product or service to attach our name to it!


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Software and Apps

Tech tools we love will also be featured on our blog and our YouTube Channel under the tech tools we love category/playlist.


Krisp noise removal for laptops/desktops

Krisp is noise removal software for your Mac or Windows laptop or desktop. We love it because it helps us provide a clean audio track, making for much easier editing of video and audio recordings.

Please check out our demo of Krisp in action, and if interested download the free version of Krisp. If like us you love it, then a small fee buys access for a year, and as an affiliate we earn a commission.

Miscellaneous preferred suppliers

These are other preferred suppliers which we will add more information about in due course.

Email – Google Workspace

Email service provider (ESP) – Mailerlite

Video editing – Camtasia by Techsmith

Website platform and theme – WordPress with Divi theme

Website host – Siteground

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