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We have included past events involving FAQ Business Training to get a feel for the other events and workshops that we have completed. In 2018 and 2019 our Founder Jane Tweedy presented 40 workshops, seminars and conference presentations per year. Despite, maybe because of the impact of Covid-19, this number jumped higher in 2020 with 18 sessions in the month of October alone!

Even with COVID-19 disrupting face to face sessions, Jane has continued to present online through webinars, with great feedback like ‘the most interactive webinar I’ve been on’.

In the future we will add new trainers, but for now Jane is available to speak at events and workshops.

This is not a complete list, rather unique events that we presented during 2018, 2019 and 2020. Some more detail on some of the events appears below the table.

Please note we love helping people, and will do our best to tailor our talks to the audience. Please contact us about your training needs.

Categories of small business training

Due to the large number of courses we have now run, we are updating this page for ease of use. You will be able to click on a topic to move to the training we have previously conducted in the business training category once complete, and connect to a more detailed page about each.


  • Business fundamentals
  • Branding and marketing
  • Customer service
  • Human resources – managing and leading staff (to add refer bottom table in the meantime)
  • Mindset (to add refer bottom table in the meantime)
  • Presentation, photo and video (to add refer bottom table in the meantime)
  • Pricing (to add refer bottom table in the meantime)
  • Sales (to add refer bottom table in the meantime)
  • Social Media (to add refer bottom table in the meantime)
  • Website and SEO (to add refer bottom table in the meantime)

Branding and marketing training workshops and webinars

If you need to create brand awareness or let the world know about your products and services, then our marketing training sessions are for you! Unless otherwise stated all sessions have been run as 2 hour workshops or webinars.

  • Creating your business brand voice

  • Define your target market and create your buyer persona/ideal client avatar

  • DIY low cost market research

  • Getting leads coming to you

    (run as a facilitated session where the audience is prompted to generate the ideas)

  • Getting leads through inbound marketing

  • Low cost marketing ideas

  • Low cost online marketing

  • Marketing and sales planning

Topics on more specific areas of marketing include: 

  • Blogging made easy and effective

  • Also refer social media section



Business fundamentals workshops and webinars

Let’s face it, a lot of our other training categories are fundamental too, but in this case we’re talking the real core of business planning and business set-up. Without the business foundations being solid your business could come down like a house of cards.

  • Business planning essentials

  • Business structure and all the boring but essential stuff!

  • Conscious decision making using a living business plan

  • Coping with crisis

  • Review, reflect and revitalise your business

    Run as an interactive workshop, online training course and a shorter version with a networking group

  • Scaling up your business

  • SMARTER goal setting

    Run as an interactive workshop, online training course and a shorter version with a networking group

  • Turning learnings into actions

Run as a 30 minute networking session to ensure people knew what to do after attending training sessions 

  • Marketing and sales planning

Also check out our other categories as many fundamentals are covered there too! These are additional topics we haven’t covered yet in a workshop but will.

  • Business Continuity Planning (BCP)

  • Business risk management assessment



Customer service training workshops and webinars

Without great customer service a business can be undone in a day! This is all about clear communication, managing expectations, handling issues and complaints (and therefore reviews). It’s also about understanding closing the sale should be the start of the relationship.

  • After sales service and customer care

    Presented as a workshop and using website specific examples for a 40 minute WordCamp talk

  • Setting up a customer care culture and program

Topics we’ve not run specifically yet but will do in the future: 

  • Handling customer reviews – the good, the bad and the ugly

  • Onboarding new clients


Live 2018-2020 event topics

y After Sales Service and Customer Care

y Blogging Made Easy and Effective

y Business Structure and all the Boring Essential Stuff!

y Conscious Decision Making and Business Planning

y Coping With Crisis

y Crafting a Great Introduction for Conversation

Creating an Online Course

Setting up an Online Business to Avoid Costly Mistakes 

Creating a YouTube Video and Channel

Developing a Website Brief

y Establish Your Brand Voice

 y Getting Leads Coming to You

Google Business Solutions

How to Set Prices and Not Go Bust

How to Start a Catering Business

Learn to Love LinkedIn

y Low Cost Online Marketing

y Low Cost Market Research (optional hands on using Google Forms)

y Marketing and Sales Planning

y Networking Made Easier

Pricing & Packaging Services

Product and Stock Photography – Upgrade Your Stock! 

y Review, Reflect and Revitalise Your Business

Sales Strategies – primarily in person

y Scaling up Your Business

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Basics

SEO Beyond the Basics

Selling for Non Sales Staff

Selling Products and Services

Selling Without Being Salesy

Simple Video Editing Using Camtasia

Social Media Set-Up and Strategies

Time to Prioritise

Top Ten Ways to Appear on Google for Free

y Turn Learnings into Actions

Website Delivered – It’s The Start of the Relationship

Winning Small Business Clients (for Copywriters)

Event type (flexible)

45 min presentation or 2 hour workshop

2-3 hour workshop

1 – 2 hour workshop

Half day workshop

1 hour webinar

30 minute networking session or 2 hour workshop

2 hour workshop or 30 minute networking session

2 – 3 hour workshop

2 – 3 hour workshop

2 – 3 hour workshop with detailed ‘brief’ spreadsheet

2-3 hour workshop

2 – 3 hour workshop with leads produced from brainstorming doc

1 hour networking presentation or 2-3 hour workshop

2 hour workshop

30 minute presentation or half day workshop

1 – 2 hour workshop

2 – 3 hour workshop

2 – 3 hour workshop with 100+ idea sheets as handout

2 – 3 hour workshop with spreadsheet planner and A3 year planner

1.5 hour workshop including networking practice breaks

Full workshop 2 – 3 hours, but cut down for conference to 30 mins

2 – 3 hour workshop

From 30 minute networking session to 2 hour workshop

Company sales team workshop with role playing, 3 hours

1 hour presentation, longer for workshop

2 – 3 hour workshop

2 – 3 hour workshop

1 – 2 hour presentation

2 – 3 hour workshop

1 – 3 hour workshop

3 hour hands-on workshop (even by webinar!)

From 30 minutes seminar intro to 3 hour workshop or series

30-60 mins networking presentation

30-60 mins presentation, ideal for networking groups

30 minute networking group presentation

45 minute conference session

45 minute conference session

WordCamp Conference

WordCamp Brisbane 18 #wcbne

Spoke about Packaging your web design service to save time and make more money’ to WordPress developers and users at this 320+ person event at QUT Brisbane, Queensland. This topic is suitable for business owners as well as web designers, though the examples will be aimed at web designers. Video available soon on WordCamp TV replay.

MIBA Hills Networking Presentation, Baulkham Hills, 

Getting Leads

Mums in Business Association (MIBA) Hills Shire Members were asked to vote for the most needed topic, and they chose Getting Leads. The 45-60 minute presentation is part of the MIBA Hills Shire networking event. This women’s only event is designed for business mums to receive support and education with like minded business women. 

MIBA Hills Shire has meeting fees (no annual membership fee). 

MIBA Penrith Presentation

Mums in Business Association (MIBA), Penrith/Blue Mountains Branch

Spoke for an hour to the MIBA Penrith Networking group (at Daily Break Glenmore Park) on the Top Ten Ways to Get on the Front Page of Google for Free. This event also generated the biggest attendance for any MIBA event in Australia since launching a year ago!

This is a great topic for business networking events targeting micro businesses and sole trader businesses as it is low or no cost marketing at its best!

Blacktown Business Event

Blacktown Business Booster

Members of the Blacktown Business Network, including our founder Jane Tweedy of FAQ Business Training presented and acted as MC at the inaugural Blacktown Business Booster as part of the NSW Small Business Month #NSWSBM2018. This event included morning tea and lunch, goodie bags and 6 speakers on scaling up your small business.

Blue Mountains Workshop

Low Cost Online Marketing

This workshop (if you can call it that with over 70 participants) covered about 25 ideas on the day, plus some Facebook and Instagram tactics, and attendees took away a hand out with well over 100 ideas for low and no cost marketing ideas and tools for small business.

Online summit

Small Business Skills Summit, Online 6th to 16th August 2018

FAQ Business Training was proud to be involved in this online summit, featuring 60 topics from 60 speakers, including our Founder Jane Tweedy on Pricing and Packaging Your Services to Attract Clients. Tickets sales and Summit are now closed.

Networking presentation

SWNG Narellan, 15th August

Spoke at SouthWest Sydney Networking Group (aka SWNG) Narellan Branch for a one hour workshop on Facebook Tips for Small Business. Contact SWNG if you’re interested in attending their network.

Thanks Jane, your presentation and advice have added priceless value to being a member of SWNG.

I appreciate the time to send these slides through, I think we all took away some very useful nuggets of information from your excellent presentation.

SWNG Narellan Member

WordCamp Conference

WordCamp Sydney 2018 #wcsyd

Spoke about Developing a Website Brief with Small Businesses to WordPress developers and users at this 200+ person event. This topic is suitable for business owners and web designers, as the onus falls on both parties to create a great website brief. Replay available here.

Industry Conference

CopyCon, Copywriting Conf.

Spoke at #CopyCon18 with a great line up of speakers. Our founder Jane spoke on ‘Winning Small Business Clients by Getting in Their Heads’. This was a topic tailor made to the copywriter audience.

The event sold out.

Networking workshop

HDBM - Networking Easier

Spoke with over 50 women at the monthly Hills District Business Mums event, for a 90 minute interactive session on ‘Networking made easier’. Many of the women were quite introverted and this really helped them learn and put into practice tips to make networking easier. In fact people were so chatty, it was hard to get them to sit back down!

Pricing workshop

Pricing @ Designer Chicks

Designer chicks is a networking group for Hills and Sydney based designers. Having experienced major issues with pricing they asked Jane to come and present a workshop on ‘Pricing and Packaging for Creative Services’ that is complicated for creatives and those with longer term projects (like interior design).

Attendees walked away from this workshop buzzing, and a number made significant changes to the pricing and packaging in their businesses.

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