NSW Small Business Month 2020 

NSW Small Business Month is supported by the NSW Government

In October 2020 we delivered a whopping 18 sessions to address some of those niggly business issues. FAQ Business Training was proud to be involved with NSW Small Business Month 2020 #NSWSmallBiz20. We offered a whopping 18, yes 18 sessions, 12 of which were completely new topics! We are also offered some special late night Q&A sessions 🙂

We were proud to be hosting these events as part of the 2020 NSW Small Business Month festival in partnership with the NSW Government. Recordings, slides, and handouts for some events are available for a small fee (refer sessions below). Keep an eye out for what we will offer for NSW Small Business Month 2021.

Why is FAQ Business Training so involved in NSW Small Business Month?

If the video link below is not working, you can watch the video on YouTube here.

Small business training – including 12 brand new online training sessions!

We ran 12 new sessions under our own business.  These sessions addressed problem areas our clients face every single day. We know you’ll love them! Replays, slides and handouts for these sessions can be obtained through us directly and you’ll join our mailing list if not already on. These sessions were all online and anyone from anywhere could attend. Yep even NZ and interstate!

In addition 3 Facebook Late Night Live Q&As were held 🙂

The remaining sessions were two Business Connect workshops requiring sign up with Business Connect (and were restricted to NSW only). The other session was with Picton Chamber live. These sessions are not available to purchase.

Completed events – replays available for direct sessions only

Replays available for AUD$9.90 including GST for access to the recording, slide pack and handouts. You can download and retain for your personal reference only. For the moment, please email us your requests and we will email you an invoice.

Video about the sessions premiered on Monday 12th October.

If you missed any of the webinars we ran directly you can for a small fee grab a copy of the video, slides and handouts. Currently these are available by contacting us. They will be accessible via our online school soon.


Coaching Tools for Personal Development and Self Confidence

Live Webinars held Monday 12 October 2020 1pm -2.30pm and Tuesday 27 October 2020 6.15-7.45pm FREE

Do you feel you lack the information to make decisions? Are you not sure which of your many ‘to-do’s’ are your priority?

In today’s session Jane will lift the veil and reveal 3 of the tools in the coaching tool kit to help you self-coach yourself through decision making or coach your team members.

SESSION COMPLETED – if you would like access to a recording, handout and slide pack for AUD9.90 incl GST please email us and request an invoice for the coaching tools session. Upon payment we will send you access to watch or download the handouts. Please advise the email to use for this.


Why Quoting May be Killing Your Business and How to Fix It

Live Webinar Monday 12 October 2020 6.15pm -5.45pm and Friday 30 October 2020 10am-11.30am FREE

Go onsite? Do calculations? Draw up sketches? Do discovery calls? The process of getting clients can RUIN your business so let’s fix it now!

Business owners may be horrified to learn quoting is costing them thousands in a month, even on a single job! Once we’ve scared you (it can be scary facing down the barrels of the numbers), we’re give you ways to fix the problem!

SESSION COMPLETED – if you would like access to a recording, handout and slide pack for AUD9.90 incl GST please email us and request an invoice for the coaching tools session. Upon payment we will send you access to watch or download the handouts. Please advise the email to use for this.


Blogging – making it add value, not waste time

Live Webinar Thursday 29 October 2020 12pm – 1.30pm FREE

When you ask a question in Google the results are typically blogs or videos. How can we capitalise on this to rank and get real clients?

So you’ve heard it might be good to blog. Once you see some numbers you may agree blogging IS a great strategy. Then the next objection usually is ‘but I have nothing to say’. We STRONGLY disagree! You have plenty. ‘But I can’t write’ (well a little secret – you largely don’t have to!). And finally is structure, which without it makes the whole process a waste of time instead of the goldmine it can be!

SESSION COMPLETED – if you would like access to a recording, handout and slide pack for AUD9.90 incl GST please email us and request an invoice for the coaching tools session. Upon payment we will send you access to watch or download the handouts. Please advise the email to use for this.


Low cost guide to setting up your first online course

Live Webinar Thursday 29 October 2020 6.15pm – 7.45pm FREE

So many people are going online… are you? The biggest course on Udemy has made at LEAST $5m!! Interested yet? Many make nothing. Why?

Today we address how easy it is to create a course and why you may want to join the masses who’ve used COVID to go online and reach new audiences. We also address some points about why some people are doomed to fail.

If I told you 70 year olds were voluntarily doing pilates classes via Zoom 6 months ago you would never have believed me. And you’re right. Back then it simply wasn’t ‘a thing’. Roll on to now and this IS what’s happening in the real world!

Registrations required via Eventbrite

Late Night Lives (LNLs) Q&As

We trialled Late Night Live Q&A sessions from 9-10pm on 3 nights in October (Monday 12, 19 and 26 October). These were on Facebook Live and you can send questions along ahead of the sessions (including to be anonymous) or on the Live about pretty much anything – as Jane faces in her one on one client sessions. The content of these sessions is therefore entirely up to you! For these sessions you could just rock up to our Facebook page – FAQ Business Training. Go there, like the page and check out the relevant lives. 12 October we talked a lot about pricing and quoting, 19 October various topics and 26 October a chunk of it was on copycats (you can check out the live or the blog).


Sick of Working for Others? Considerations to Start a Business

Live Webinar Wednesday 14 October 2020 10am – 11.30am FREE

Out of work … possibly again. Sick of working for others? Is starting a business an option for you as your next career path? No idea how?

You may be fed up working for someone else and decide now is the time to go into business for yourself. However you’ve always been an employee and never really looked into how to start a business or where to start. This session is for you!

Session completed 



Keyword Research for Better Ranking & Sales

Live Webinar Friday 16 October 2020 12pm – 1.30pm FREE

You’ve heard of keywords, maybe learned a little, and are still baffled. We take you through the why, how and where of keywords for sales.

Keywords and keyword research is talked about a lot in conjunction with ranking online and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Although content is king, you can’t get to the content without keywords. Learn the why, where and how of keywords.

Registrations required via Eventbrite


Managing Overwhelm and Prioritising Your Time

Live Webinar Monday 19 October 2020 12pm – 1.30pm FREE

Are you feeling like it’s all too much? Even getting panic attacks? Lack of sleep. Make changes NOW before it’s all too late!

Now I’m all about transparency, so this is a case of do what I say to AVOID doing what I’m doing! Prevention is much better than cure. Take ownership, make changes NOW before it’s all too late!

Registrations required via Eventbrite


Generating a Hundred Content Ideas in an Hour or Two

Live Webinar Tuesday 20 October 2020 10am – 11.30am FREE

So many people say I can’t blog, I can’t post 5 times a week – what do I have to say. Trust me, you have plenty! Let’s break that block!

We will show you how much you really to do have to say by using simple prompts to extract a big list of ideas. We’ll also talk about how to make the most of them.

Registrations required via Eventbrite


Address the arrggghhh- Step by step guide to hiring a new employee

Live Webinar Tuesday 20 October 2020 6.15pm – 7.45pm FREE

So it’s time to hire? ARRGGH what do I do now? We will take you through step by step what you need to do to hire your first employee.

When your business goes from just you to needing more hands on deck it can be exciting, and also incredibly daunting! This session will be content heavy to address all the things from the idea to getting the person working in your business.

Registrations required via Eventbrite


Simple website auditing using free tools – avoid getting ripped off!

Live Webinar Wednesday 21 October 2020 10am – 11.30am FREE

Are you looking at your website and thinking it’s not working? We’ll show you how to analyse your own site, peers and web designer examples.

Did you make your own website or have one made for you and it seems to do nothing for you? You’re not alone! In this session we’ll use low and no cost tools to analyse your website and identify any issues. Some are simple fixes, and others will require an expert to assist (at least you know the issue).

Registrations required via Eventbrite

Cancelled events – please contact if interested

Due to lack of interest in these two events we have cancelled them (we noticed other human resource events also were cancelled 🙁 ). If you are in NSW, please contact us and we can arrange to go through what would have been covered, tailored for your needs in a Business Connect session (NSW Government funded so no cost to you).


Managing a team through difficult times like COVID-19

COVID-19 has put strains on business and people like nothing else in our lifetime. The impact on business teams has been tough. Let’s help!

Understand the issues caused by the crisis trifecta and the real impact JobKeeper and JobSeeker have had on the job market.

Consider the mental health of your team, get back an engaged workforce and try a positive approach rather than a negative one.

Contact us if interested in this session adapted for your needs



Managing your remote team – work from home multilocation or outsourced

Big business is joining small business. So how do we manage and lead remote workforces – whether our former F2F team or outsourced.

If your team are still or are normally working from home, work in remote locations or on-site with clients, or you have outsourced contractors this session is for you. It certainly appears working from home will become more of the norm in the future at least part time. It frees up massive office rental costs, and less sickness is transferred around the office. In Sydney many are now enjoying the no commute lifestyle and are less willing to do the daily commute every day.

Contact us if interested in this session adapted for your needs

Events with third parties – not recorded

These events were provided in conjunction with third parties and are not available for purchase. However variations on these topics will be offered through our online school going live in 2021.

If you are in NSW, please contact us and we can arrange to go through what would have been covered, tailored for your needs in a Business Connect session (NSW Government funded so no cost to you).


DIY Low Cost Marketing (BUSINESS CONNECT – NSW Residents only)

Live Online Workshop Tuesday 13 October 2020 10am – 12pm FREE

What is the most common query we hear from start-up and even established small business owners that don’t have much cash flow – how can I market my business for very little or no cost? If you’re short on marketing ideas, this is the place to be!

After this session you’ll be given a sheet containing 250+ marketing ideas, and we will talk through some of these – one’s which generically apply to most small businesses, and some examples specific to the businesses in the room. Walk away with practical ideas to implement for your business for little more cost than that of the workshop.

Session completed. Not available to purchase.


How to Set Prices and Not Go Bust

With Picton Chamber of Commerce – Wollondilly Residents ONLY

In person workshop Wednesday 21 October 2020 6pm – 8pm $16.91

Are you frustrated you seem to be working really hard, but there doesn’t seem to be enough of a financial reward? Are you honestly paying yourself for ALL hours worked?
In this session we look at pricing inputs, the impact of discounting, quoting and other key pricing issues like covering your admin and marketing time.
Session completed. Not available to purchase.



Setting up an Online Business to Avoid Costly Mistakes (BUSINESS CONNECT – NSW Residents only)

Live Online Workshop Tuesday 27 October 2020 10am – 12pm FREE

The retail landscape has changed markedly in the last decade, and the rise of sites like Amazon Australia continue to change the ecommerce space.

This two hour session will cover: what retailing now looks like, the key skills you need to succeed online, core steps to set up an ecommerce business, and tips how to be a success and not a flop!

Session completed. Not available to purchase.

NSW Small Business Month 2020 Event Rundown

All our 2020 events are listed here. The terms of our events are at the bottom of this page, and you can register for events by clicking on each picture. After each event is completed, do not fear all is not lost. For a small fee you will be able to access the recordings, slides and handouts from all our directly offered webinars (NOT Business Connect where attendees only will receive access to these, or Picton Chamber which is live and not recorded).

Webinar presenter:

All sessions are presented by Jane Tweedy, Founder and Lead Trainer of FAQ Business Training. Jane presents around 40 events in a normal year, and this has increased in 2020. You can find out more about Jane.


NSW Small Business Month 2020

NSW Small Business Month Festival celebrates the 750,000 NSW small businesses employing 1.6m people across NSW (41% of the NSW private sector workforce).

The six themes for this year’s festival are:

  1. Building your brand on social: How to market your business on social media, build your brand, protect your reputation and attract the customers you want
  2. Working with digi-tech: Present, promote and grow your business online and learn the latest technologies to best connect with your customers
  3. Financial foundations: Explore the grants and support available to you, take control of your bookkeeping, budgeting and taxation, and learn to safeguard your business
  4. Research, plan, do: Plan for the future with market research and develop tactics for risk and disaster management
  5. Futureproof your business: Understand stressors and disruptors, keep an eye outside your business model and know what to do when the unknown hits
  6. Your team and you: Gain insights on how to hire, manage, train and retain the best staff

You can check out other events over at businessmonth.nsw.gov.au

NSW Small Business Month Special Terms

The NSW Small Business Month 2020 webinar sessions offered by FAQ Business Training alone (excludes the Picton Chamber and Business Connect events) are provided free of charge and open to all*. Free attendees will not receive anything other than attendance at the live session. You will have the option to purchase a copy of the slides, recording and handouts for a small fee of AUD 9.90 incl GST and transaction fees. Please note you can buy this upfront or purchase later once you assess the value of the session you attended live. The only way to access replays is to pay for the recording. You will have to 31 December 2020 to download the purchased files. No refunds will be issued.

Intellectual property. All information provided (including if you pay a fee to access) remains the property of FAQ Business Training. We provide the information for your own use only. It is not to be sold or redistributed in any form without our express permission.

Troubleshooting the LiveWebinar system is your responsibility. Refer for assistance: https://www.livewebinar.com/manuals. Some people do have issues due to THEIR settings. We suggest you join 10 minutes ahead of your first session to check everything is working and to introduce yourself to the host and participants. Please be prepared to get involved in the sessions via video, audio or chat. At a minimum please make sure you can see and hear us.

* Poor behaviour (for instance bullying, belittling anyone) will not be tolerated and you may be ejected from the workshop. You are not allowed to sell competing services unless you have permission from the host.

We may offer services or products to buy as part of the session. There is absolutely no obligation to buy. We promise every webinar session to give you an hour of valuable content (the rest of the time will be introductions/networking, introducing the offer, or MORE valuable content!).

Comments in the chat may be extracted for marketing purposes. Some images may be taken during the session and if your camera is on you allow for these to be used in marketing.

The session will be recorded and you acknowledge you may be included in the recording.

By signing up to our sessions you agree to join our email mailing list. You can unsubscribe at any time, however we don’t think you’ll want to and miss out on great information and opportunities! We won’t spam you, we hate that too!

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