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The Australian Federal Government introduced JobKeeper Business Stimulus in Australia in an effort to lessen the impact on the welfare system, the unemployment rate and to help employers retain staff for an eventual rebound post the Coronavirus Covid-19 #crisistrifecta *

Please ensure all information you obtain is verified back to an original source (which is not social media, regular media or even us 🙂 ).


JobKeeper changes legislated 14 August 2020 – must read for employers

Employers will be aware JobKeeper is a one in, all in model. However many are NOT aware of a change to JobKeeper which applies to August and September (from 3rd August). This may REQUIRE you to top up additional eligible JobKeeper employees.

If you have employees who were ineligible at 1 March 2020, there are some situations where they will now be eligible as at 1 July 2020 which is the new reference date. 

You may also have hired new part-time or full-time employees by 1 July 2020. They ARE in many circumstances eligible for JobKeeper from the fortnight which commenced 3rd August 2020. You must obtain their valid nominations and meet the wage condition (still $1500 per fortnight) by 31 August for the two affected fortnights. Employees can now renominate a replacement employer in some circumstances (where they left their JobKeeper business or employer before 1 July 2020 and commenced new employment with you before 1 July 2020).

1 March 2020 is preserved, so there is no need to retest eligibility of employees who have had no change in employment. You will end up paying and receiving 3 fortnights for August for these employees due to the fortnight end dates.

JobKeeper changes announced but NOT yet legislated (at 23 August 2020)

The Government has announced it intends to extend JobKeeper for two 3 month periods and introduce tiers to JobKeeper. This HAS NOT yet been legislated. Please hold on a little longer and get the facts.

JobKeeper errors in claiming (at 19 August 2020)

The ATO has commenced auditing and is finding a number of people who have over claimed or claimed incorrectly. They advise if an error was due to a genuine and honest mistake or misunderstanding, or through reliance on information from employees or the ATO itself which the business deemed to be correct, then the ATO will NOT in many cases seek a repayment of the overpaid funds.

However if the over payment was not reasonable or honest then you can be expected to repay, and if fraudulent face other penalties.  


The following video is a Facebook Live conducted 20 August 2020 on the above issues.


Please note in the dates table above you can add:

  • 1 July 2020 new reference date for eligible employees
  • 3 August 2020 start date for paying additionally eligible employees JobKeeper
  • 31 August 2020 JobKeeper wage condition fulfilment date for the above employees

We can not yet add in the extension dates as they have NOT been legislated (as at 23 August 2020).



Older JobKeeper Information

JobKeeper – integrity test lodgment dates

Sanity initially prevailed and the documentation was updated. The ATO removed the requirement to declare you had lodged either your 2018-19 tax return or your GST activity statement by 12 March 2020, and replaced with a more workable:

“Your entity is eligible if:

  • on 1 March 2020, it carried on a business in Australia
  • it satisfies the fall in turnover test for the relevant period
    • it had an ABN on 12 March 2020, and
    • it had lodged, on or before 12 March 2020, at least one of
      • a 2018–19 income tax return showing that it had an amount included in its assessable income in relation to it carrying on a business, or
      • an activity statement or GST return for any tax period that started after 1 July 2018 and ended before 12 March 2020 showing that it made a taxable, GST-free or input-taxed sale.

We have the discretion to give further time, but only in limited circumstances, including if you:

  • did not have a requirement to lodge your 2018-2019 return until after 12 March 2020
  • have deferred your lodgment under an extension of lodgment date we initiated.

Examples include:

  • You are included in a registered agent’s lodgment program whereby your lodgment due date is after 12 March 2020.
  • You have an automatic ATO lodgment deferral in place as you were affected by the Australian bushfires in late 2019, and you are not registered or required to be registered for GST, so will not have lodged a BAS before 12 March 2020.”

Typically the lodgment extension for tax agents is now 5th June 2020 (was 15 May 2020). Please note your accountants are EXTREMELY BUSY. Please offer some kindness and patience, but make sure they are aware you risk losing out on JobKeeper and potentially Boosting Cash Flow for Employers. 

HOWEVER the ATO have now changed their mind, and require you complete the form BEFORE claiming JobKeeper: JobKeeper application for Commissioner’s discretion in respect of an eligible business participant. Further they have decided that anyone who lodged earlier and just accepted the declaration saying they’d lodged their return by 12 March 2020, when in fact they hadn’t due to the lodgment deferral in place MUST retrospectively complete this form. I did argue it seemed almost no-one has completed this form, and I didn’t want my clients penalised for doing the right thing. She said to refer to the reference number I (Jane Tweedy) had with the ATO. I spoke with Janelle from the ATO Specialist Team on 22 May 2020 with reference #1051677923791. UPDATE 19 August 2020 – the form is NO LONGER required where tax returns were completed within the tax agent period.

How do you prove you’re enrolled for JobKeeper?

Unfortunately, other than showing as ‘Enrolled’ in the Business Portal or MyGov, there is no way of ‘proving’ your business is eligible. This would be ideal before paying your employees by 30th April for the first two fortnights, and is also necessary to gain access to the Mandatory Code for Commercial Leases. 11 May 2020 update – the ATO suggests you retain your JobKeeper receipt completed on entry of step 2 and 3 or a screen shot of your enrolled/identified screen.

JobKeeper turnover tests are now legislated – 23 April 2020

The basic turnover test involves assessing your March 2020 GST calculated turnover versus March 2019. If this is not possible a series of Alternative Tests have been legislated for specific scenarios including (taken directly from the ATO):

  • the entity commenced business after the relevant comparison period (the business did not exist in that period)
  • the entity acquired or disposed of part of the business after the relevant comparison period (the business is not the same business in that period as it is now)
  • the entity undertook a restructure after the relevant comparison period (the business is not the same business in that period as it is now)
  • the entity’s turnover substantially increased by:
    • 50% or more in the 12 months immediately before the applicable turnover test period; or
    • 25% or more in the 6 months immediately before the applicable turnover test period, or
    • 12.5% or more in the 3 months immediately before the applicable turnover test period.
  • the entity was affected by drought or other declared natural disaster during the relevant comparison period
  • the entity has a large irregular variance in their turnover for the quarters ending in the 12 months before the applicable turnover test period, excluding entities that have cyclical or regular seasonal variance in their turnover, or
  • the entity is a sole trader or small partnership where sickness, injury or leave have impacted an individual’s ability to work which has affected turnover.

You can find the calculation details for both methods here: ATO Turnover Tests.

JobKeeper – what is GST turnover?

The ATO has included guidance for what is included and excluded from your headline turnover figure to calculate GST turnover. You can find this here: ATO GST Turnover Methodology for JobKeeper.

JobKeeper – eligibility when you have multiple roles or a role and a business

If you are an official employee of your business then please consider as an employee (either permanent or casual depending how you’ve been paying yourself). A business participant is for someone who doesn’t receive a PAYGW salary – so all sole traders, one business partner, one director or shareholder for a company, or one individual beneficiary for a trust. Note when applying for JobKeeper do NOT include a business participant as an employee. There is a separate box for business participant. We did ask the ATO, if having paid the business participant intermittently as an employee prevents claiming as a business participant. It should be okay was about as close to an answer as we got 🙁

In all cases, eligibility is subject to meeting the other JobKeeper criteria.

Business plus a job(s)

  • Are a business participant and have a casual role(s) – can claim JobKeeper for your business
  • Are a business participant and have a permanent part-time or full-time role(s) elsewhere – can NOT claim JobKeeper for your business
  • Are a business participant and have a fixed-term contract role(s) elsewhere – still no website link from the ATO (outstanding complaint awaiting ATO). Fair Work say these roles are not permanent, but most do pay sick and annual leave so they are not casual either. On the employee nomination notice (snippet above) it does note permanent and fixed term contracts are considered together, therefore they are NOT considered casual for this purpose, but some call centre staff did say people can get JobKeeper for these contracts. “If you are a casual employee as mentioned above, you are not employed by any other employer on a permanent or fixed term basis, or you are only employed by any other employer on a casual basis. ” Therefore it would appear if you have one it will be treated like (but not) a permanent role and not be eligible. However, there is still some tiny chance while they remain vague, and particularly where you had it noted on your file they told you yes. I personally believe it to be a no because of the employee nomination notice wording, and they seem to now consistently be saying no on the community forum and by phone.

Business but an employee plus a job(s)

  • Are a business employee and casual as paid hours not consistent and have a casual role – can claim JobKeeper for your business or casual role
  • Are a business employee (casual) and have a permanent part-time or full-time role elsewhere – can NOT claim JobKeeper for your business
  • Are a business employee (permanent part-time or full-time) and have a casual role – can only claim JobKeeper from your business role
  • Are a business employee (permanent part-time of full-time) and have a permanent part-time or full-time role elsewhere – can claim JobKeeper from either your business role OR your business role
  • Again fixed-term contract likely to be treated along with permanent (based on the employee nomination form in the screenshot) but yet to be placed on an official web page. ATO confirmed by phone call 22 May 2020 that business participants with fixed-term contracts ARE NOT able to apply for JobKeeper as a business participant in their own business. They STILL have not placed this on the website on a page we can reference, and for this reason as the ATO Specialist team advised, we have lodged a complaint. It is not fair to expect business participants to be given conflicting instructions and incur a tax debt because they have claimed when not entitled.

Multiple roles (no business)

  • Have a permanent part-time or full-time role, and a long-term casual role. Only the permanent role is eligible for JobKeeper (regardless of whether that employer can claim JobKeeper). No employee can claim for a casual role if they hold ANY permanent role EVEN if that permanent role is less hours than the casual role.
  • Have multiple permanent full-time or part-time roles (with or without another long-term casual role). Can choose which of the permanent roles they want to claim for, even if the full time role continues and you claim JobKeeper from the part-time role. This was not the intention (hence why they made a big deal early on about primary role), but it was excluded from the legislation and has not been mooted as a fix.
  • Have a mix of full-time, part-time or fixed term contracts. Can choose which role to claim through.
  • Multiple long-term casual roles, and NO permanent roles (including part-time) and NO fixed term contract. Can claim any of the eligible casual roles.
  • In all cases can only claim from one employer, which cannot change during JobKeeper. If the employer stops paying (for cash flow reasons for instance), then an employee cannot switch to an alternate eligible employer.
  • Can claim JobKeeper from an eligible role and still earn money from another.
  • An employer can issue JobKeeper Enabling Directions with 3 days consultation, within reason and cannot be reasonably denied where less than normal hours, a different location and a different role you are capable of doing. Check out Fair Work by clicking here.

JobKeeper – who needs to complete a nomination form

JobKeeper Guides on the ATO website explain the JobKeeper application process based on your scenario. Here is what you need from people:

  • Sole Traders – nominate via Application Form and MyGov but NO NOMINATION FORM required. Please note this ‘Step 2’ is reopened each month during the first week to claim for the prior month’s fortnights, on MyGov and the Business Portal.
  • Business participants (other than sole traders) – must complete a one-off business participant nomination form BEFORE claiming JobKeeper. This is retained by the claiming business.
  • Eligible employees – all eligible employees (including business participants who are claiming as employees because they receive PAYGW pay) must complete the nomination form.
  • If you terminated anyone you must reinstate them before they are eligible for JobKeeper, even if you rehire them to immediately stand them down again.
  • If you’re eligible for JobKeeper during April you MUST claim for ALL eligible employees (who have accepted your nomination) and backdate their pay to 30th March. 

Please make sure you and your employees only claim for JobKeeper from one entity. It cannot be switched later and if you or your employee claim for two they will become ineligible to receive from anyone. 


> JobKeeper Guides (please check these out for step by step guides with screenshots)

> Business Participants NOT sole trader Nomination Forms (note this form must be completed to be eligible for JobKeeper)

> Eligible Employees Nomination Notice


JobKeeper – how will you receive payment and pay PAYG?

If you have enrolled your business in JobKeeper, registered your eligible employees and business participants, advised which fortnights you are claiming for and for whom (step 2), and provided your turnover data as required (step 3). The ATO will be crediting funds to the specified bank account (use your business account initially to make accounting for the money throught the business easier. 

For business participants like Sole Traders and the eligible Partner in the partnership, the ATO is paying the full before tax amount of $1500 per fortnight. The business participant will need to remember come year end tax time the additional PAYG will be calculated and will incur a tax amount to be paid.

For employees you will also receive the gross (before tax) amount from the ATO, but you will deduct normal PAYGW for your employees. Remember if you get cash flow boost you may get this money repaid for the June and September quarters.

Superannuation for employees will only be paid on what they work. Therefore if the employee is stood down or being topped up, you don’t pay Superannuation on the top up amounts, only on what they actually work. So if they work for $500 per fortnight you only pay super on the $500, but not on the $1000 extra top up. If they’re stood down completely you pay no super. If they earn more and are still working, you pay super on their full salary.

JobKeeper – 16 and 17 year old full-time students – updated 11 May 2020

Unfortunately for them their bubble was burst. Treasury announced and it’s now been mandated 16 and 17 year old full-time students who are not financially independent, who are also long-term casuals are no longer be eligible for JobKeeper beyond the first three fortnights.

Employers should have paid eligible employees in this category for the first three fortnights (ending 10 May 2020). The employee and business participant nomination forms have been updated with reference to 16/17 year olds). This change was enacted prospectively, not retrospectively (meaning it will apply to future periods not one’s already covered to 10th May 2020). As JobKeeper is a once in, all in methodology, employers should have paid for (and have/will claim for) the first three fortnights for employees by paying them for April and the period ending 10th May 2020, including any catch-up payment if they hadn’t already paid them the full amount. Refer the new employee nomination notice which must be completed by 16/17 year olds, to show whether to continue or cease paying them from 11th May 2020. 

There is much more to this time of crisis than JobKeeper

We’ve started a 30 part blog and video series about Coping With Crisis. Join us on the blog, on Facebook or our YouTube Channel to keep up with the new suggestions. 

*The Crisis Trifecta (#crisistrifecta)

I’m calling this a crisis trifecta hence why it’s unprecedented and causing so much havoc. It started with the health crisis of Coronavirus, quickly escalated into a financial crisis, both of which are causing a lifestyle crisis. It’s likely to end back with health, but this time mental health.
Not all three crises will affect everyone, and you may be at different stages of grief for each crisis. This all makes this crisis trifecta incredibly hard to manage. 🙁 Although most people are talking of the first two crises, the lifestyle crisis isn’t being talked about as much. Plus the health crisis is two-fold – the viral impact and mental health.

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JobKeeper – contacting the ATO and correcting enrolment error

Many sole trader and others made an error and duplicated their business participants as an employee. So instead of loading employee numbers for each fortnight as 0, they loaded as 1 employee per period, and duplicated by also loading a business participant, when it was the same person.

Unfortunately the ATO in a call with us on 27th April, said the people who made this error CANNOT self correct, but SHOULD phone the ATO and get them corrected ‘to avoid issues later’. Fortunately sanity prevailed and you can simply update the employee number to zero when completing your Step 2 (and 3) online via the Business Portal, or MyGov for Sole Traders.

JobKeeper – what periods are eligible

If your March 2020 or April 2020 months meet the minimum reduction in turnover (30% fall in GST calculated turnover in most cases), you can claim JobKeeper from the start date of 30 March 2020. Once you have passed the test ONCE then you can continue to receive the JobKeeper payments until the current end date of 27 September 2020 (subject to change). You will report turnover monthly and confirm employees and any business participant is still eligible, but you do not need to keep meeting the turnover fall to continue receiving the payments.

If you do not meet March or April reductions you can claim from the month where the fall occurs. For instance if it happens in July, you can then claim July to September subject to you being able to prove the fall in turnover and make your application. You will need to pay employees, declare eligible recipients by the end of relevant fortnightly periods to get payment in arrears for the fortnights that apply in the month. 

Outstanding query to the ATO – can a business choose to enrol later for JobKeeper than when they were eligible? For instance they may be eligible from 30 March 2020 but not be able to find the cash flow. If they manage to find it for July can they claim from then? This is clear where the business becomes eligible in July for the first time but not if it was technically eligible earlier.

The ATO has confirmed if a business can’t make a payment on fortnight but can before and after, it can fail the wage condition, not receive money but also not pay money for that fortnight, but STILL remain in JobKeeper for the remaining period. They will not receive a payment for that period.

JobKeeper – Australian Business Stimulus for Employers

Employers (including for this purpose sole traders with no actual employees), have been encouraged to retain staff. This allows less pressure on the Centrelink welfare system and will artificially create a lower unemployment rate (even though people may not be working).

The JobKeeper deadline for April and May is 31 May 2020

Effective 28th April the deadline to pay employees for the fortnights starting 30th March was extended to the 8th May 2020. If you have not paid your first two fortnights by then, you will not be eligible to receive payments for those periods for employees or your business. The deadline to lodge your tax returns if you had a standard accountant tax agent deferred lodgment date has been extended to 5th June 2020 (extended from 15th May 2020) (check with your accountant). The deadline to Apply for April and May JobKeeper payments as a business is now 31 May 2020. Please note you can only apply after 8th May for April if you had paid your employees by 8 May 2020. Because of the once in, all in principle if you have employees and did not pay them you can’t get the April payments. If they were still being paid normally (and was above $1500 per fortnight), you can still claim for April and May for eligible up until 31 May 2020. Make sure you do all 3 steps is applying late! If you don’t get a receipt number you didn’t do all the steps yet. Source: 

Make sure you watch out for and meet ATO’s key dates (refer table below). This means paying employees by the end of fortnights (the ATO advise you can stick to normal payroll dates as long as you are consistent and fortnights are paid by month end each month), completing your Business Portal or MyGov entries monthly in the first week.

Not received JobKeeper payments yet?

If as an employer (and/or business participant), you haven’t received payment yet for April, please check the ATO Business Portal or MyGov (for sole traders) to make sure you have completed steps 1, 2 and 3. It should show you’ve enrolled, you’ve identified eligible employees and you’ve provided your turnover for April and May. If that’s all in order and you waited four business days and you met all the criteria, then follow up with ATO to see where your payment is. The ATO advised us 11 May 2020, most non-payments were due to not completing the steps, people who were ineligible (like no tax return), or even bank account typos. Please note if using MYOB or XERO they completed step 2, but not step 3, hence why a number of people were waiting.

The provision of turnover numbers is NOT a revalidation of the turnover reduction, but rather a way to monitor how businesses are travelling. Next month you will confirm employee and business participants are still valid and provide a month of actual turnover, and a month’s projected turnover. In addition you will need to pay your employees by the JobKeeper fortnight end dates.

Updated 4 May 2020, with the Step 2 being activated and following call with the ATO 11 May and 27 April 2020, and confirmation they’ve increased the deadline to apply. We have been updating people via our Facebook page, and below are the latest updates as legislated 23 April 2020 regarding Alternative Turnover Tests and the latest video update on the topic (20 April 2020) with the package now live.

For more details refer , , the Rules and Explanatory Statement along with the legislation passed (can find the latter on

On this page (the following topics are clickable so you can fast forward down the page):

JobKeeper 20 April Update 

The information above this video is more recent (or was included in this video). If anything conflicts, the information above this point supercedes it.

Rough Transcript of 20 April JobKeeper Business Stimulus Australia Update following ATO Business Portal opening for applications. 

Update about JobKeeper because the portal has gone live and I know some people have started going in there, but, unfortunately they are making some errors and also confused about a few things. So though I would clear that up.
While I’m waiting just introduce myself as I completely forgot to do that the other day who am I. I’m Jane Tweedy. I am the founder of FAQ business training and basically I’m also a Business Connect provider with the New South Wales government funded service and is part of that I do see a lot of businesses and I thought will I need to be able to get on top of things and just kind of become the quasi JobKeeper person just out there in the public.
I am Jane Tweedy, I’m the founder of FAQ Business Training working in the Business Connect program part-time as well it just suddenly I have worked in corporate in the past I’ve done a lot with government stuff with financial Markets all this sort of thing so I know quite a lot about a few things.
Some people already messaging me ok so I just want to talk about the JobKeeper portal that’s now being opened and I did try to check one thing out with the ATO this morning and they still haven’t returned my call from last week’s that’s nice of them and they have now that’s all they had a answering thing that said that their office hours were 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. Monday and Friday and Saturday Sunday but that was at 8:35 and then it wouldn’t let me go any further so I rang back and then it will never go that far it just said basically come back later .
don’t even bother calling the ATO at the moment they’re not cannot answer you can call them up tonight maybe later at night and I certainly will try to do that OK so you may have noticed that the Business portal has now opened for the JobKeeper application process for employers which include sole traders which is cool but there are a few things I just want to let you know to make sure that you don’t get caught out .
so the first one is if you are actually going through the application process this particular screen here and just make sure that flips on to my version basically it talks about ask you when you go into it you go into the Business portal if you don’t already have myGov ID setup you may need to do that but otherwise hopefully it should be a relatively straightforward process 
2:20  you need to go through myGov ID which is a new service that replaces the archaic one auskey that was there before I know some people have had trouble with it because it connects with your phone and some people’s phones all the phones do not connect with the service I will warn you of that unfortunately so the number of job he was eligible to be paid during April when you get to this question can you just please note that you do not feel that and if you are a sole trader or you’re a business participant so if you’re a sole trader you have no employees that have had wages and salary sacrifice and things you don’t have any so should actually be answering 0 then it will then asked you a business about the business participant
 when it is asked you about business participant listen to Apple today it’s open to 1 hours are you intending to roll an eligible business participate’ yes say yes then the last you some more questions ok so just make sure that you have filled in the right boxes so employees 0 is this participant’ will be yes ok so you’re only doing it for the employees if you actually have additional paid employees in your business ok so that’s just something to be wary off cause a few people have been caught on that one already unfortunately so do not put employees if you do not have employees
yes I think so I thought id mention it but I hope I got name right yeah that’s why I know a few people have done this already so employees will be zero business participants’ is where you put in your business participants’ stuff so when you had two employees plus a business but it would be too in the employer boxes plus this is ok so that’s just one thing
I’m also just before I go on to the other JobKeeper keep the stuff just to mention the boost in cash flows have already started hitting the best accounts ok so the boost and cash prizes kind of happening in two parts so people that Lodge have lodged Abbas already saw yesterday that there was a credit to their bath account so you might want to go in and have a look and you might find a pleasant surprise that you find a credit and they’re now what is happening so say for instance your PAYG for the quarter of March was $2,000
you would actually have paid $2,000 but don’t pay it just put the $2,000 and as what you would be showing don’t pay it yet and then the ATO will actually put a credit on for the minimum $10,000 if you’re eligible for it so you’ll have $2,000 come out wasn’t going but then if you pay GST say $3,000 then you have $5,000 on that activity statements so they were just like that off and then to be $5,000 to you now that into you money now that wasn’t meant to happen till the 28th of April that done it early so I don’t know if that means they’re gonna pay the payment refunds early or whether it’s top 14 days from the 28th of April but just to let you know that’s going on
I’m sorry I do not know how to rectify the employee thing I’m not sure if there’s an audit function or not have a look into your where you did it and just see if there’s an edit one
goat about testing the second so Boosting cash flow if you’re eligible has already been credited as your BAS account but the physical payment of any refund in addition to clearing your BAS account liabilities won’t come out for another 14 days at least it’s not 14 days from the 28th of April which I suspect it’s probably going to be more likely so that was a nice surprise for people there yesterday 
6:05 so JobKeeper as I said it is open. How do you access that you go through the Business portal the Business portal is accessible through the rest of us go through myGov ID as I said you may need to create myGov ID you will need certain forms identification like a driver’s licence and potentially a passport to make it more secure be careful when I scanned my passport it somehow managed to turn April into June no idea did that so just be careful and make sure before you actually put it through that you have got the correct information ok so really important
so because of that you lodge it wrong then I’ll show you can’t match it up I can’t see my birthdays in June when it’s in April so it’s not going to work so be very careful to check details before you say anything when you’re doing and myGov ID you basically then we’ll go into it if you just looked online and how to find it cos it’s a bit cumbersome you basically then have to go into a different section think next as portal in the Business portal senior something I did also find I tried using the Business portal on my phone and I found it was not great because some of the drop-down box is would not work that was using the super clearing house but it wouldn’t work properly so you have to add you use a combination of laptop to do the actual entry but the phone to do the code it’s quite cumbersome but we’ll get there in the end
they are going to ask you when you do your job keep the Business portal forI declaration so you’re not actually providing anything at this stage they don’t have any documentation there’s nothing to provide something to provide your turnover there’s nothing to provide to provide details of the anything except for your decoration so I’ll just jump to the declaration just find that 
case of switch the declaration screen
there’s a couple things to note here and this is already confusing some people and I have mentioned some of this before know that you must have completed your 20 19 tax return or a GST activity statement since 1st of July 2018 to claim now this is what this means he and I know saw sorry I know now this is what this means he and I know it and I know sorry sorry I know some people are confused by this so they have had accessible and head assessable and come in 2018 to 2019 and come here and provide a notice to the Commissioner on or before 12th March that means you have lodged your 2018 to 2019 tax return I know they use big words but unfortunately I could just so you know Lodge your tax return we would know what that means or made a supply 1st of July 2018 to 12th of March 2020 and provided notice to the Commissioner on or before 12th March so that means that you have lodged a GST activity statement so if you are doing the annual registration that would have meant that you’ve lodged your 2018 2019 activity statement or 2018 2019 GST activity statement or lodged a quarter like December and then you’ll be able so just bear that in mind.
also the proving of I saw a Commodore one of the Kiwi groups yesterday about proving they were 444 visa holders or special category pizza holders you don’t need to you just need to sign this declaration there is a comment here about the relevant individual not being an employee other than a casual employee of another entity now this one has been confusing for some that on contract and honestly it is still vague the contract 1080 that now 
why do I why do I say that because their work does state that a fixed term contract is not a permanent seen as permanent ok so permanent is not a fixed term contract that’s fine but I’ve seen people on fixed term contracts that are hired more like a casual so there’s no sick leave it and you’ll even stuff but most people hide on a fixed term contract are hired on a part-time or a full-time basis and they do get annual leave and stuff if you do get annual leave your not casual so this is where it’s a little bit confusing because the relevant individuals not an employee other than a casual employee of another entity so with a fixed contract it is still a little grey because you’re just not permanent casual so it’s very confusing because they’ve used it was permanent and casual kind of interchangeably I am flagging that that one as a potential issue for those you on contracts because they do clearly say that people on a fixed term contracts are eligible for the JobKeeper if they meet the criteria so if you were on a contractor fixed term contract that was full time or part-time then I’m presuming we take it as as it 1st of March you good to go however if they read it as a casual then you will have to be long-term casual the contract would have to be over year as you can see definitely a grey area still so I’m hoping like a lot of things they will put out further information about this because that particular topic is really frustrating and it is confusing the hell out of people and it’s partly because some of that contracts are incredibly weirdly worded
just to be flag that is a potential issue for some of you now the GST turnover you do have to use GST turnover and doing your calculations for those you have had a hundred percent reduction and your business 90% reduction in your business honestly that won’t make really any difference to you because the numbers still going to be huge regardless it’s gone still going to be well over the 30% required as however your numbers are very closeso you might have a 20% reduction or a 25% reduction based on just what you’ve got is turnover do bear in mind the GST turnover calculation is a different calculation there are different things included and excluded from that number now I’m hoping that the ATO will actually put out something a bit clearer to people that don’t do this all ready now you can go through the GST act and I can work it out but good luck to you if you are if you are on 00 has already got a report that you can download that will actually do the calculation for you on a GST turnover basis so that’s a good one if you have that available to you 
rubbish and rubbish out so if you haven’t got all the inputs required to enable that report to run properly it’s still may not produce 100% the right answer but like I said if you’ve got a massive turnover number lucky know your produce 90% you should be sweet as
the registration opens from the jockey portal yesterday apparently that was really done a bit early just to do it as a bit of a trial test run so there’s a few hiccups like I mentioned before about not being clear about employees and stuff that they need to fix there is also some other things in their though like the GST turnover thing confuse people are they still don’t seem to have put in any of the standardized versions of alternative testing so they’ve just got in there you select the month of March for instance now they have clarified that before they were kind of in the wording saying off your a quarterly BAS and you would do March quarter to March quarter but now they’re actually just saying on there it’s just dropped out it’s just mum so you just have to say March to March or April to April so if you’re straightforward no problems you’ve been around your business has been steady or whatever you’re fine however that doesn’t cater for those businesses that have the other problems than new businesses they’re growing businesses all that stuff so that stuff unfortunately it’s still not in there and still not here OK how you’re going to confirm that you can meet that turnover requirement so just keep an eye on update city that I provide the ATO provide just so that we can see what those updates are 
now remember if you don’t meet the turnover test at the moment that makes you an eligible for for the month of May for the month of April won’t get anything now because you can’t prove it yet so what you gonna do as you’re going to wait and when you get to the fortnight where you can prove a calendar month that you are down that 30% that’s when you want to buy in case you can’t apply now if you think your business will be down and turnover and you’ll have to wait till June or until you’ve got a very clear very clear that you were gonna drink so for instance some businesses had a cracker much some beauty people had a cracker march but then they were forced into complete closure well obviously wants you to complete closure you know the April is basically zero you know you might sell a few products or something so you know it was 0 so that’s fine you can deal with that one so you can claim that in advance of completing April because you do know it’s down for the rest of us know that is still open in operating that’s going to be much much harder to prove so you kind of me to whites or closer to the month and to be able to prove it now be remind the only reason why people talking 30th of April that you have to have your job keep it in by is because if you want to claim job cheaper for April you have to have it done by the 30th of April so that means you have to be an eligible employer and you would have to have paid your employees now this is something I want a flag because this is something I’ve seen this spoken off by a few different people so I just want to share this particular issue with you
just putting the alloy this is a little bit concerning so it says once an employee decides to participate in the job keep a scam and their eligible employees have a great to be nominated by the employer the employer must ensure that all of those eligible employees are covered by their participation in the scheme this includes all eligible employees who are undertaking work the employer or have been stood down the employer cannot select which eligible employees will participate in the scheme this one all in one and all and roll is a key feature the scheme now what that means if you decide to opt-in to JobKeeper you can’t pick and choose which employs you do this for if they’re eligible you offer it to them and they take up your offer of nomination that’s it done and you have to pay them $1,500 now there was some things I wanted to check about stand-downs to see whether you can if you bring someone  back if you pay for that’s honest and down can you not pay them for the 30th of March can you pay them later so I’ll be so if you don’t meet the turnover test yes you can pay them light up that can be from July whatever when you start but in a situation where you technically could be able to book a job keeping now but you don’t have the money to pay them at a point you think I just wanted a delay at a month that’s where it’s fake I still don’t have the answers that and that’s what I wanted to check the ATO so bear this in mind if you go into this you must be able to pay all of your eligible employees all of them and you might have been paying them 300 bucks the fortnight before this because they were long-term casuals and now they’re going to have to get paid $1,500 and you’re not learning any money so I know a lot of people are suffering on this one I do know people like liberty Financial are offering products and things Linda panels on a fundamental I think it’s well was often lender panels for this regard so do reach out those two people if you need help with finance but unfortunately it’s a nasty situation at the moment
so that’s the key thing you’ve got to be eligible for everybody ok I mentioned before about having to and your tax return so the other thing about the if you are nominated for your employer so the wedding just to emphasize that on a screen which I will share to you which was on the eligible employees rain on the ATO site and said if you are nominated by your employer it is optional for your employer to participate in the job keep a payment scheme if they do not participate in the scheme you can all be nominated it fair enough but if your employer does to choose to participate in the job keep a payment scheme you are an eligible employee they must nominate you and you must tell your employer that you agree to be nominated as an eligible employee has a lot of us and there this is not grey it is crystal crystal clear so I’ll show you that link in case you are hoping that you could touch with you and please on the way and I’m afraid you can’t just do if you’ve got him please off at fortunately you have to do it before everybody and this was in the legislation explanatory notes which are up here and also in this ATO one as well so not good news unfortunately some of you that we’re hoping maybe to get away with a bit of a lot lower just keep your good stuff unfortunately at the eligible you will have and they agreed your nomination now that’s just something I want to mention to is that if they accept your nomination
that said they cannot go to another JobKeeper provider at all so if they had to long-term casual jobs and they accepted your nomination and then part way through for some reason you change your mind and you opt out of it cos it that’s why you can’t manage they cannot get your keeper from the other provider that out so really make sure before you sign up for this that you are in an all-in and you’re going to pay your employees the $1,500 a fortnight now you do have leeway to the 30th of April to pay this money but after that you are that’s it you need to keep playing at every fortnight after that or along with your normal pay cycle in an amount of $1,500 a fortnight for employing a bearing in mind that $3,000 per employee for most months to the program has most months have 2 fortnights in it except for September which she has three fortnights ending in September which means that they 4 1/2 thousand dollars for September in case you’ve got to work out where you getting this money from remembering your always been paid in arrears
the last hour dimension was job keep enabled work directions and what that means it’s just remember that these employees are getting paid to be retained as employees so you can rather than have them stand down you can ask them to do work so fair work has had a change past which allows you to have JobKeeper enabled work directions what does that mean and means if you’re eligible for JobKeeper if that employees eligible you are allowed to have consultation with them give them 3 days notice and say I would like you to work from home to change location I would like you to do these activities complete change of duties and you could change that hours of work as well so you could use them increase and whatever but typical UV reducing them in this example or you might be setting the backup from stood down completely to working something up to their normal hours remember any hours they work you must pay them super for the hours they don’t work if they stood down or they’re getting topped up there you don’t need to pay them super you just paying super on the short on the bit that they’re actually working so that’s really important today to do make sure that you’re using this to a contact to get your employers to work for you you’re paying them will get work out of them now I’m just going to some information in here hopefully in the notes and hope you’re the salt work in the comments I did not try this the other day and we’ll see if this works out so I’m just going to share some notes to you 
Going to have to come back to the comments and chat a bit later I think sorry about that but I will try and knock it a couple couple now and hopefully Leanne will understand that I’ll just be up please Auto remember that you need to get the nomination notices and I’m turn the link for the nomination notices and speech at as well so make sure that you get those so that they if they agree to be nominated by you that’s what you need to do that’s what you need to do you don’t need to send that to the ATO like I said everything nothing is actually being sent to the ATO everything is just being recorded you’re at the moment but obviously you need to have proof of thanks you will need to make sure that you’ve got stuff available in case they audit you ok so now I’m going to go and answer your questions quickly but like a minute so unfortunately not sure about the rectification if you accidentally put employees in so as if you’re watching this later please just don’t put them in try and do it at the try and go back into your portal and try and make the change if you can’t make the change then I try and send them a note or something I’m sure I’m sure they will tell us that fix it cos I’m sure heaps but we’re going to get that wrong
do not register you do not need to be registered for GST they have said that’s fine but you do need to follow GST turnover principles and your calculation of turnover so like a set of Fortune if you don’t know that you will need to go to an accountants how to rid of the GST act which is sure you do not want to dois there anything else in here now I think that’s it you got any more questions just have #q replay and I will answer the questions otherwise I’m off to a client meeting and I will pop into the chat on the questions or comments later so thanks for tuning and I hope these sessions are being useful for you if you are in New South Wales you can contact me and arrange a meeting under business connect program or question nothing if you’re outside of the area then I can do something like a 15-minute consult for a low-cost if that helps you out to answer your specific questions but otherwise have a great day guys good luck with navigating JobKeeper and we’ll catch you later bye bye

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