How to login to Google My Business Profile now Google Business Profile – partially updated December 2022

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If you’re confused about how to access the former Google My Business, which is now Google Business Profile, you are not alone. By popular demand I have created a video on how to login to Google My Business replacement Google Business Profile and the main reason you may not see edit access. We also cover how to post as that functionality is a little harder to find for some!

The YouTube Video – how to login to Google (My) Business Profile

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The transcript: How to access Google Business Profile (replaces Google My Business)

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Hi, I’m Jane Tweedy and I’m from FAQ Business Training here today just to let you know how to access Google Business Profile. So Google’s Business profile has replaced Google My Business, and they have recently cut access to the old Google My Business app, which is what a lot of people use to access Google My Business. And so now they’re going, I don’t know how to access anything. So I thought I’d do a little video just today to show you how to access Google Business.

00:29 Access Google Business Profile via Maps or Search

So the first thing to do, to know is you’ve got two ways of accessing it. So you can either do phone or desktop separately. We won’t address that particular issue now, we’re just going to go through the desktop version now. And you can also go through either Google Maps or Google Search. So you’ve got two options.

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00:47 Type in your business or profile name into Google Search

All you do is type in your name into the search, and I type this in and hit enter. Now what’s going to happen is because I’m not in the correct Google Account, it’s going to show me what a customer would see.

Okay, so just bear in mind my screen will show a few little extra bits and pieces yours won’t show just because I’ve got a couple of extra tools on my screen. So your screen might look slightly different, but pretty much the same.

01:15 Will see the public listing if not in the correct Google Account

Now what you will notice, if you log into your account and you go, but that’s just my Google Business listing, I can’t see how to access it. There’s a reason for this. It’s because I’m not currently in the correct Account. So what I need to do to fix that is go over here to the side, where it says my Google Account. I go down and I find the correct Google Account associated with that business. Now as soon as I do that, it’s going to make me do a search again.

01:42 Correct Google Account gives you Google Business Profile edit access

So obviously you could set the Google Account up correctly to begin with, and then I just type in my name and voila. You’ll see, things are slightly different from before.

So now what I have access to is a couple of things. So down the side here, you’ll see, now it says, I manage the business profile. So it’s identifying the fact that I manage it.

Note for some people the edit profile, promote and customers buttons are further expanded out.
For instance there is now add update as a direct button option too.
02:04 Business information can be edited from the side knowledge panel

It will also allow me to go in here to edit my business information. So I can click this line here, and I can also do things like add a product straight from here. I don’t even have to do anything else. I can literally just go add and bring a product in. So let’s say if I click on that, it will now bring up a screen and it will let me put in my product name, category, all that type of thing, and publish it. Okay. So you’ve got that option there from that. Okay.

So what I can also do is I could click on Edit Your Business Information, so I click on that tab, it brings up a bunch of business information that we’re seeing on that particular screen. So you’ll see there, I can either click to the different tabs along the top, or I can just scroll and it will go to the next thing on the list. So obviously we should be checking this every now and then, just to make sure that this has got the correct information that we want to display. If it doesn’t, obviously we can update that. So you can update that from there.

03:05 Can also add a photo from the knowledge panel

But you go, but where do I do the posts and the photos and things? Well, you might have noticed here it says Add Photos. So I can simply click on here and add a photo to upload. So if I wanted to choose a photo to Upload, maybe I want to upload one of my podcast images from recent times. So I might go in here and grab my podcast (photo) from my last podcast, and I could for instance, put that there. Process your photo.

So you can click on obviously See Photos or add more photos if I want to add more. So that’s just literally put a photo up. It may not appear immediately, it may have a little bit of time just to be a-okay’ed by the Google Gods. So that’s that.

03:49 At the top of Google Search – Your Business on Google

Now you might go, okay, but what about posts and things? I used to be able to post. So there’s different things you can do. For a start when you log into your business, now on the left side, is your business on Google.

It tells you how many views you had, things you can do to edit it. As we can see, I’m not being very active in my Google Business Profile lately, so I haven’t been doing what I preach to my customers to do!

04:12 Post regularly on Google to get rewarded

And the thing is, if you post regularly on Google, it does reward you. And I’ve had customers that have had amazing success on Google by doing a strategy of doing four photos and one post per week. That’s it.

You can do every single day if you want, and you’ll find that you potentially get even better traction by doing that. But I’ve got customers who are constantly in what we call the three pack. When you do a Google search and you get the map listing rather than the name out to the side, be in that list if you do the right things.

04:43 Optimise your Google Business Profile

So it’s about having good keywords, good placement of things, having a fully filled out profile, but also doing posts and photos.

04:52 Edit profile > business information

So what we can see now is that we can click on Edit profile that will basically go into the same type of things we had before about business information. If I click that, you’ll see the same business information screen we had before. It’s just a different way to access it.

05:07 Check the services that Google adds to your listing!

You have hours, you have products, you have services. You’ll find quite often when you come in here, Google is adding a crazy number of services to the list. I used to only have, I think, five or so services. And you’ll see, now there’s scrolls and scrolls of them and it’s because Google has added them.

So obviously just check them and go, if they’re what you do, add them. But every now and then it will suggest a really weird service. So you do need to check them and just go, yeah, I’m not a chiropractor, why would you add that? But you’ve mentioned in a blog or something that you helped a chiropractor and suddenly it appears in your list. So just make sure you check that.

05:45 Edit profile > photos

You can go into the photos area from here, so you can go photos from your phone, your photos and uploads. So you can do that. And you can also, if I go back into Edit Profile, you’ve also got you can change your logo and your cover photo. So you’ve got things like that in here. But if you’re going where’s the post tab, the posts are through the Promote option.

06:09 Promote is where you add updates, offers and events

So click on Promote. [Note from November 2022 for some people instead of promote you may see more tabs so simply click +Add Update]. You can see your insights and analytics through the top one. You can choose to advertise. That’s the only thing that’s paid on Google Business Profile. Everything else is free, so you don’t need to pay anyone.

You can do this all yourself. Photos, as we said, sneak peek inside the business. Again, it’s just going to lead to the same type of place that we were before. So you see, lots of these things are just exactly the same way to get to the same place. So you just need to decide what you want to do.

So we can ask for reviews, and we can add updates, add offers and add events. These are the three things that you want to be doing. So if you run events, you can put them in here. I probably should have put up an event that I’m running tomorrow, but I didn’t do that. So it’s a bit late now to do it.

06:56 Can enter events if you run them and link to your site or ticketing site

But obviously I could put the event details in here. You can add a button, and in the button you can say, sign up, call now, order online, whatever. You can add photos to the post and things. So these are pretty good. You’ve got pretty good information you can put on here. So I do strongly suggest using these.

07:14 Add an offer with a unique code to track activity

You can add an offer, you can give people a special deal with the code, and that way you will know that they’ve come through from Google Business Profile, because you know that if they use a particular code, you know that they’ve come from this channel. So you’ve got the link to redeem the offer, terms and conditions, the offer details, all that type of jazz. So you can see it’s pretty detailed, what you can do in here. So that’s pretty cool.

07:39 Add an update (focus on products and services)

And then the last one is just add an update. So adding an update. This is what I would probably do more for my podcast rather than what I just showed you before about adding a photo. So what I can do is add the photo in here and I’ll add that same photo. But what I would do instead of just posting a photo, is I’m going to use that photo as part of this post. So I’m just going to add my description there and say Season 2 Episode 29 of the FAQ Business Podcast was about status quo, and why it may be more risky doing nothing than doing something.

08:15 Button connecting back to a website link

Then obviously I would have a button and I would say learn more in that case. And I would just add the link to the blog in here. And the blog contains my link to the podcast, and my link to the video. So that’s all you’re going to do and then just go post. So you’ve got up to ten photos you can put in here. So these are really helpful and they really are good for business. So I do strongly suggest doing this and making sure that you are taking advantage of everything available in Google Business Profile because it is a really good tool.

08:48 The final tab is the Customers tab including access to your reviews

Last of the tabs is the Customer tab. So if we click on that Customer tab, then you can see you’ve got options here. You can review and reply to feedback. So always, always, always reply to feedback. Whether it’s good, it’s bad or it’s ugly.

09:04 Reply to EVERY review!

Please reply to your feedback. Because you want to pat people on the back that have said nice things about you to encourage them to do it again. If you don’t, if you ignore them, people kind of go really like, come on, so please do it. If you get a bad review, it’s a good opportunity to market your business. And if you get one of those really ugly reviews, sometimes you need to report them, sometimes you need to kind of say cease and desist. So there’s different things for that. And we do actually have some training coming up about business reviews.

09:36 Can set up messages and reply to them through the messages tab

So the Customer tab, apart from the review side is messages. So you can set up messaging, people can message your profile. You can turn that on and off and you can see your messages in here.

09:48 Q and A stay permanently on the Google Business Profile

And then there’s also the Q and A. So you can answer your Q and A question that your customers have asked. You can reply to them here. Now, the great thing with Q and A is that they stay on the profile. Whereas those posts disappear off main profile. They can still access them, but through sort of a feed list that they have to click into. But the questions stay on the profile, so they’re a really good one to do.

10:11 An alternative way to access updates

You can also, again, another way to access these is add update and things through here. So there’s lots of ways to access it, and that’s just from the search one.

10:22 Alternatively can use Google Maps to access your profile

Like I said before, you can go into this one (maps) and go again and type in your business. Again, same thing is going to happen, because I’m in the Google Account for a different business. It’s not going to show me, other than what a public profile would see. Okay, so what I want to do is I want to change that to my correct profile and then I just do that search again.

10:48 Same sort of options as the search version  

And if I do that this time, if I start looking for it, you’ll see for a start it suggested my thing and I go in there. And now exactly the same thing. It’ll say that I manage the business profile. It will tell me that I can start advertising if I wish to. I can suggest edits to these, all these profile functions here.

11:08 Can add photos through maps but manage profile sends you back to search

I can add a photo, so I can add the photo, I can suggest edit’s there, or I can go manage your business profile and it’s going to send me back to the search screen. So honestly, that would tell me the easiest way to do it, is just go through search.

11:25 Your phone operates the same way through Google search or Google maps

But if you are using your phone, and you are wanting to update anything, then you can do exactly the same on there. You can either go through search or you can go through your maps listing. So either way.

11:41 Same issue with Google Account

And you’ll see it’s exactly the same if I go into my profile when I’ve got the wrong Google account, I will just need to change the Google Account and again on my phone an Android, it’s just on the top right. I change to the correct one, and then I will be able to go in and see my business on Google and be able to edit the functions.

12:02 Google Business Profile is similar to Google My Business, just accessed differently

So that is how we access the new Google Business profile, which is basically the same as the old Google My Business, just we access it a little bit differently. So I hope that was helpful.

12:14 Remember to add those photos and videos

But do remember those posts and those photos are really important. The blog here contains access to more about optimising your profile. Just apply these access changes to get in. So I might go away and do a little bit of that now. In fact, I’ll probably upload this video onto Google so people can find it.

Catch you later. Thanks for listening. I’m Jane Tweedy from FAQ Business Training.

Jane Tweedy, Founder FAQ Business Training

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