How to hire an employee for a small business in Australia

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If you need help how to hire an employee for a small business in Australia these reference tools may help you. This blog refers specifically to hiring employees NOT subcontractors. It applies only to Australia as every country has different employee legislation and requirements. We will soon provide a separate blog or video on the commonly misconstrued contractor versus deemed employee issue. Please note if any of the external links break please let us know, and in the meantime go to the Fair Work or home pages.

How to hire an employee in Australia checklist has a new hiring employees checklist. You can go through each part of the checklist and save progress as you go. You can also print off the completed checklist or email it to yourself.

The checklist is extensive and covers elements from identifying employee need, through to induction, contracts, health and safety, right through to termination. Hiring a new employee myself, I found the checklist a useful reminder to make sure I have everything in order.

how to hire an employee for small business in australia

Employment Contract

The Government have introduced a new Employment Contract tool. This is far more advanced than the previous simple employment contract you could download as a document from Fair Work. Answer the questions (it will take 15-30 minutes) and it creates a word document you can download and edit. The document includes a letter of offer and employment contract. Once downloaded you’ll need to enter the ‘personal information’ as this tool does not collect any personal information. Based on my answers it produced a 14 page document (which includes different sign off pages for different entities so isn’t actually that big).

Casual Employment Information Statement

Changes were made to the law late March 2021 giving some more clarity around casual work arrangements and when they may need to move to permanent part-time or even full-time roles. New and existing casual workers must be given this statement in addition to the Fair Work Information Statement. The statement explains the minimum National Employment Standards (NES). The casual worker statement has already been updated on 20 May 2021, so please check again if you were organised and downloaded it earlier!

Fair Work helps with how to hire an employee information

Not sure what to pay an employee? What award your employee is under? Go to They have many templates and guides. Please be careful that you are actually on the Fair Work site. There are other companies in Australia who advertise using Google Ads targeting Fair Work. You may think you’ve gone to Fair Work but you haven’t.

If calling Fair Work and you’re a small business, make sure to identify yourself as you go in a priority queue for small businesses. They can assist if you can’t work out the award for instance.

This is also where you find the Fair Work Information Statement:

How to hire your first employee – PW Series

Should you require more information on hiring an employee, we do have a pre-recorded webinar and slide pack available to assist you. This will be available soon on our Online School, but in the meantime, you can contact us with your billing name and email and we’ll invoice you AUD9.90 incl GST to access the material. Access to the video and slide pack will be sent upon payment.

This 90-minute webinar goes into things like what to do before hiring someone. Our PW Series is our entry-level training and consists of pre-recorded webinars. The quality is lower (recorded over the internet) and you can’t ask questions like you could in the live session. We recognise it’s a lower quality product, hence it comes with a lower price point. You still get great information and learnings, but they are not the same quality or coverage you’ll get in our purposely designed courses.

About FAQ Business Training

If this is the first time you’ve come across us you may want to know who we are! FAQ Business Training has a mission to educate and empower small business owners to learn enough to do it yourself (DIY) or outsource with confidence. We do this via face to face training in Western Sydney (currently all training is provided online), speaking at conferences, events and networking groups and we have launched our online school and membership, offering online courses and webinars to appeal to a global (English speaking) audience. Connect with us on Facebook or LinkedIn.


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