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Guest blogging has the power to increase your exposure and improve your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). FAQ Business Training will accept guest blogs from business owners who share similar values and are approved by us (at our discretion). In the future, trainers with FAQ Business Training will be encouraged to share blogs to demonstrate their expertise. We also will consider supplying guest blog(s) for your website. Refer the end of this blog for more information. In the meantime if you’re not sure what guest blogging is all about, please read on!

Why should you guest blog?

Blogging allows you to build your EAT – expertise, authority and trust. Guest blogging allows you to spread your reach and exposure. Both can be good for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). The website where the blog appears must be of good quality (well at least not a BAD site!), and ideally provide a follow backlink to you.

Mutually beneficial guest blogging

Find other business owners to complete contra guest blogs, where you do a guest blog on each other’s site. You would then promote the blog of the other person on your socials and they would share it, and vice versa. Finding local businesses in complementary industries, can be a great way of building both businesses as local powerhouses. Links with local businesses help with your local SEO strategy. A great place to find these business owners may be through your local networking groups.

Approaching someone with high authority, reach and presence

If you approach someone with much greater presence than you, it could be they will charge you to place a guest blog. This may be fair enough as the blog could be considered advertorial advertising. Alternatively they could make your link a no-follow, giving you less SEO benefit. They could even give no backlink at all, and merely give you a citation (mention you). Make sure you know what you’re getting – especially if you’re paying!


What should you blog about?

Make sure you consider the audience of the page where the blog will appear. This will mean tailoring an article for the website it will appear upon. Fresh content is also preferable for SEO purposes. Using exactly the same blog will mean the blogs compete with each other, and could therefore be more of a hindrance than a help (especially if the other site has more domain authority than yours). As the audience will have a different need on the other website, consider what their needs and pain points are and address them.

Approaching the website’s owner

You may want to start with a smaller website of a business acquaintance, and approaching them at a networking meeting or via phone first. This will build your confidence, but also allow you to start building a portfolio of guest blogs, to help you with obtaining further opportunities.

Before making contact please be sure to check out the blogs on the website, plus find out about the business (home, about and possibly service pages). Consider if they, as a business, support your brand, or would put people off for being connected to it. For instance, we do not feel that cryptocurrency meets our value of transparency and therefore would not blog on, or have a blog by a crypto website.

Making the pitch

Consider your angle, especially when approaching ‘bigger’ websites and media outlets. Note that SourceBottle (Australian based but has NZ, US and UK connections too) and HARO Help a Reporter Out (US Based) are also a good source of blogging and tip source opportunities. You can post to find guest bloggers for your own site too.

What angle or message would you convey in the proposed guest blog post?

Consider the ‘What’s in it for me?’, also known as the WIIFM. What will they get out of posting your blog on their site, or what would they get by guest blogging on your site? Also consider the WIIFM of their end clients. What solutions do you offer them (without being overly salesy)? Your blog should primarily seek to inform and educate or entertain.

You would want to let readers know what you offer though, and you may want to make an offer to them. BUT, don’t make it time sensitive – neither the post nor the offer as it will date the blog quickly. You may not get the chance to make edits once posted. So consider this when choosing your topic and content.

Repurposing and marketing blog content

Blog content can be used in different forms across the internet and beyond. When utilising content from others, be sure at the outset to agree where the content may appear and in what form. For instance, you may want to extract quotes, create your own memes, create a video, include tips in other mediums like videos or podcasts, and media like social media or a local newspaper.

Always be transparent. If the original blog was for publicity or SEO purposes, most people wouldn’t have a problem agreeing to these ways of reusing the content. However, obtain their permission first to avoid any dramas. A mini agreement would be ideal at the outset, and should definitely be completed if there is payment involved.

What are you waiting for?

Get started! Consider a few people who share a similar target client to you, and the type of blog you could write to address needs of both the business owner and the end client. Draft up your idea, reach out and ask. We get nowhere if we don’t ask!

Want to Guest Blog on FAQ Business Training?

FAQ Business Training is seeking to make a mark in the world of small business training. Our mission is to educate and empower small business owners to learn to do it yourself (DIY), or outsource confidently. We want to avoid small business owners being ripped off, or being taken advantage of simply because they don’t know what they don’t know.

Should you want to guest blog for FAQ Business Training, you can contact us via the contact page and ask for our guest blogging guidelines. Please check out our About page first to make sure our values align.

Need help blogging?

A PW Series session on How to Blog will be available on our FAQ Business Training Online School soon. Look out for our blogging courses and implementable small group coaching sessions coming soon!

Guest Blogging to Increase your Exposure – Blog by Jane Tweedy, Founder, FAQ Business Training. Updated in August 2021.




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