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FAQ Business Podcast is a brand new podcast hitting the airwaves and springing to life in September 2021! Brought to you by FAQ Business Training, we aim for the FAQ Business Podcast in Australia to be a leading small business podcast, inspiring and educating small to medium sized businesses to bring back the love to their business and get inspired with the tools to grow!


FAQ Business Podcast ... coming soon!

Because we’re suckers for punishment let’s just add to our overload and chuck a podcast in the mix!

Let’s face it there’s lots of choice of podcasts so why would you want to listen to ours:

– you know we love sharing LOTS of valid information with you!

– we have some AMAZING guests lined up with great diversity of topic, location (yes we have great local, Australia-wide and some global speakers too)

– you will be inspired and educated by our line-up!

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FAQ Business Podcast core pillars

Our target market is actively growing small business owners, and as such we see the following four pillars of content as the most valuable to your success. Each podcast will focus on one or more of these key pillars. There will be some solo episodes with our host and Founder Jane Tweedy, however, most will involve guests.


Actionable education

We want you to learn things that you can apply in your business life to improve your outcomes. These episodes may include reviews of technology, new and fundamental concepts.


Inspiring leaders

Business owners who’ve already made it, to inspire you in your own entrepreneurial journey. Hear where they started and what they see their challenges and keys to success have been!


Businesses like you!

Business owners who are early in their entrepreneurial journey too. People you can relate to because they going through the same challenges and joys as you! Maybe you could feature on our podcast!


Thought leaders

People or concepts to challenge your thinking, to make you look at things in a new light. These may be solo or guest episodes. These episodes will challenge, inspire and provoke further thinking.

Check out our blog on being a podcast guest

Being a podcast guest is a great way to build your EAT – expertise, authority and trust. It helps you to reach new audiences and can get you a backlink for SEO too 🙂 Learn how to find podcasts to feature on, and don’t be afraid to reach out – if you don’t ask you don’t get!

Podcast guest blog

Would you like to be a guest on the FAQ Business Podcast?

We are interested in talking to people who align with our values (please check out our about page if you’re not sure). If you think you’d fit into one or more of our four podcast pillars please reach out and ask for our podcast guest guidelines.

The podcast guest guidelines will explain our podcasting process. 

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