Building expertise, authority and trust using podcasts

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Have you heard of E-A-T? It is a marketing acronym for expertise, authority and trust, which has been accredited in part to Google and their evaluation of web content. E-A-T applies more broadly in a marketing sense to the building of expertise, authority and trust. One way of doing this is to appear on podcasts – either as host of your own podcast, or as a guest.

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An easy start to podcasting – be a podcast guest

The simplest way to start podcasting and build your expertise, authority and trust is to put your hand up to be a guest on a podcast. Look around at your connections and see who is producing a podcast, and who aligns with your business values.

In 2020 I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Leanne Shelton, copywriter and content strategist from Write Time Marketing for her podcast Marketing & Me. For me as a guest it was a simple task, thanks to the preparation and professionalism of Leanne. Her audience are health and marketing business owners, and I’ve known Leanne for coming up five years after meeting in the Sydney Hills District networking events.

Leanne and I discussed what topic might suit her audience, the timing approaching year end, and moving towards some sort of new normal post COVID-19. We agreed upon Reflect, Review and Plan for Your Business Future. Ahead of the session she sent me some questions, asked for a bio and she set up a Zoom meeting. Zoom obviously allows for a video recording, so could also utilise as a video interview. But in this case the audio track is extracted for use as a podcast.

Don’t know a podcast host?

If you don’t know a podcast host, your connections will do! I’m pretty sure there’d be maximum of two degrees of separation between a business owner and a podcast host. Remember you’re trying to build your E-A-T, so don’t jeopardise by picking a random podcaster whose values you do not align with. Sometimes there can be low hanging fruit – for instance you now know I align with Leanne, and Leanne hosts a podcast. Therefore, if you have something valuable to share with her audience, then I’m sure she won’t mind you reaching out!

Do a search in LinkedIn, or in your Facebook groups to find someone with a podcast, or simply Google or look up your favourite podcast app for your desired areas to showcase your expertise. Don’t be afraid to ask someone more well known (again as long as you align with their core principles). They can still struggle for content ideas and finding fresh talent!

What should you share?

Remember our purpose is to build expertise, authority and trust (E-A-T), but also to inform or entertain the host’s audience. So anything that showcases your expertise and establishes you as an authority, and allows you to build trust and connection with your host’s audience is a good fit. In my case, I could talk on any number of topics, but it made sense given the timing to talk about year-end review and business planning for the new year.

Also remember, people often listen to podcasts on the go – running, walking, driving, doing the laundry, so you don’t want something you’re explaining in detailed steps. So talk more conceptually, tell stories or offer a few easy takeaways. Leave your in-depth information to videos, webinars, training sessions and even blogs.

What should you expect in return for being a guest on a podcast?

If you’re uber-famous, you can ask for payment, as you can for any guest speaking experience. However in this example, we’re trying to build our mutual E-A-T, so we will typically act as guest on a podcast purely for exposure to a new audience – that of your host. In addition always ask for backlink(s) to your website (can be good for SEO if the other site has reasonable authority), and for your contact details to be available to listeners.

Most podcasts include some form of shownotes, and this is where you expect to see these business and contact links.

Promote the podcast

Even though you’re giving the host links, it is also building E-A-T with your own audience. In this case, I’ve been a little sneaky by embedding the podcast link in this blog about podcasts! All is fair when building your business presence! Plus ideally we are trying to create a win-win situation for the podcast host and for the guest.

Hosting your own podcast

After you’ve broken your podcast virginity, you may realise it’s not too hard! Like any new product or service be clear in your mind your brand voice, your customer voice and what purpose the podcast will serve. Our own FAQ Business Podcast is launching in September 2021.

FAQ Business Podcast!

The FAQ Business Podcast will feature guests who align with our core values and fit in at least one of our core pillars – actionable education, inspiring leaders, businesses like you and thought leadership. You may be suitable to be a guest for our podcast. You can also offer to be a guest blogger. Check out our blog on guest blogging here. Blogging is a great way to build E-A-T with Google and your prospects!

How do you feel about podcasts?

Are you a fan? Do you listen religiously and binge like you would a show on Netflix, or do you only listen on the rare occasion when something clicks in a promotion for the episode? Are there any podcast topics you’d like to see us cover? We’d appreciate your thoughts in the comments.

About the author – Jane Tweedy

Jane is the founder of FAQ Business Training and is passionate about helping business owners to avoid them getting ripped off, or ripping themselves off. Jane can be a guest podcaster, speaker or guest blog writer for you! If you want to see some of the vast variety of topics Jane covers, please check out our past events. Otherwise find out more about Jane here.

About FAQ Business Training

If this is the first time you’ve come across us you may want to know who we are! FAQ Business Training has a mission to educate and empower action-taking small business owners to learn enough to do it yourself (DIY) or outsource with confidence, to avoid you getting ripped off, or ripping yourself off.

We do this via face to face training in Western Sydney plus online globally, speaking at conferences, events and networking groups. We have launched our online school and membership, offering online courses and webinars to appeal to a global (English speaking) audience. Connect with us on Facebook or LinkedIn.


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