Profitable and practical business pricing

Profitable and practical business pricing

Proudly funded by City of Parramatta – Women in Business program – FOR WOMEN ONLY

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Are you working really hard but not making any money? Do you feel your pricing is not working for you, to deliver what you expect? Do you know what you need to charge to break even? We find women in particular face these pricing issues in part due to issues around self-worth and always wanting to help, and therefore tend to undercharge. This creates undercharging and a non-sustainable business model. We want you to learn to charge what you’re worth and have a sustainable business.

Over 4 LiveWebinar sessions (one a week over 4 weeks) with Jane Tweedy founding director of FAQ Business Training, you will unpack and then rebuild your pricing and product/service business foundations so you can charge your true worth and renew your enthusiasm for your business, when it actually has the potential to return what it should! Yes this series is suitable for product and service based businesses.

Delivered weekly via LiveWebinar, with recordings available for registered participants and homework to complete between sessions

This series will be run online, with homework to do between sessions. Sessions will be recorded for participant access only and stored in an unpublished course in our online school (not open to people not registered for the program). Students will be able to engage through comments on the school so they are not stuck when completing their homework.

To achieve transformation in your business profitability you will need to complete all 4 sessions, do the homework and change your pricing, processes, product or services. This will set you up for future profitability.

If you have attended any of Jane’s pricing and packaging sessions, this program builds on, expands upon and actually helps you calculate your pricing.

Attendees may be able to access an additional one on one session with Jane to discuss/confirm the pricing before making change. Please note these sessions are currently available under the NSW Government funded Business Connect program and will utilise some of the hours available to you.

Take home for attendees:

Slide packs, handouts including calculation spreadsheets and guaranteed recording access for a minimum of 6 months.

Sign up for the entire series

Approved participants are enrolled in the entire series (via the form, giving you access to all 4 sessions detailed below (even if you sign up later as the workshops build on the one before):


Session 1 – Pricing fundamentals and inputs – 6 May 2022 10am – 12 noon

Pricing fundamentals and inputs lays the foundations for your correct pricing structure. Without being aware of ALL your costs, including your time, your pricing will never be correct. We also consider areas where small businesses often neglect to charge to cover the costs of discounting, freebies and quoting. In this session we look at:

  • how to calculate ALL your time and cost inputs
  • learn about and test the impact of discounting, quoting, and freebies
  • understand the lifetime value of your customer (LVC)

 Feedback from a similar recent pricing webinar:

“Thank you very much. Even as an accountant this is a timely reminder of ALL the costs in pricing a service.”

“Wonderful thank you very much this was great!!!”

Takeaways and homework

Slide pack. Worksheets on discounting, LVC and pricing inputs. Attendees who want to maximise their ability to calculate prices correctly through this series will need to finish these sheets off between sessions. Recording and course access for at least 6 months guaranteed.

Session 2 – Packaging and processes to make more money and save time – 13 May 2022 10am – 12 noon

In this session we look at packaging (not paper and ribbon!) products, services and productised services to help you make more money AND save you time. Also in the spirit of more money and less time, we will look at some suggested process improvements for both product and service based businesses.

  • How to combine products and services together for higher profitability/easier saleability
  • Process improvements which could lower costs and therefore the need to raise prices

Takeaways and homework

Slide pack and a worksheet on packaging. Attendees who want to maximise their ability to calculate prices correctly through this series will need to complete the packaging sheet between sessions. Recording and course access for at least 6 months guaranteed.

Due to illness, session 3 and 4 have been pushed back a week. Were 20 and 27 May now 27 May and 3 June.

Session 3 – Practical pricing of products and services – 27 May 2022 10am – 12 noon

In this session we use the inputs from the prior sessions (so please have your homework ready) to help you calculate your breakeven and profit targets. Jane will work through a series of numbers as a demonstration you can follow along with, and you will be able to utilise your numbers too if you have them. This session can be quite confronting and may lead to some decisions needing to be made about your business.

  • This can be jaw dropping when we calculate your real breakeven and profit targets
  • Learn how to step through the pricing calculations to make sound decisions
  • Identify profitability by product line (or category) or service offering

Takeaways and homework

Slide pack and a worksheet on pricing. Attendees who want to maximise their ability to calculate prices correctly through this series will need to have completed session 1 and 2 homework (though you will have ability through the course comments and the start of session 4 to ask questions). Recording and course access for at least 6 months guaranteed.

Session 4 – Implementing pricing and model changes – 3 June 2022 10am – 12 noon

This is the final session of the four part series where we bring it altogether and address HOW you can go about raising prices without losing your entire customer base which is a fear for many. In this session we:

  • review findings so far including questions arising from your homework calculations
  • when and how to increase prices
  • alternative ways to increase profit where you’re already top of the acceptable range
  • cash management model so you don’t accidentally spend money you shouldn’t!

Takeaways and homework

Slide pack. Recording and course access for at least 6 months guaranteed.

Proudly funded by City of Parramatta

City of Parramatta Council have funded this series for women business owners in Parramatta, and we have approval for our female members. City of Parramatta has identified a need to assist women in business and are funding this program. Although they will accept take-up of vacant program spaces from outside of Parramatta LGA if space permits, only women will be accepted to maintain a safe space for women to open up and address these issues.


About FAQ Business Training and your presenter Jane Tweedy

FAQ Business Training has a mission to educate and empower small business owners to avoid them getting ripped off or ripping themselves off. We LOVE training small businesses and seeing them prosper as they implement changes in their businesses.

Jane Tweedy, Founder and Lead Trainer, FAQ Business Training

Jane Tweedy has been a part-time NSW Government funded Business Connect Advisor for over 6 years. In this role, she has worked with over 1550 small businesses one-on-one and heard common challenges from her clients. In many cases, clients are being ripped off or ripping themselves off, based on what they didn’t know they didn’t know.

Jane founded FAQ Business Training to fill in the gaps by providing real-world solutions to real-world problems. Jane has studied the theory and tested it in the real world to make sure it works. What participants learn is therefore adapted based on real-life experience from self and clients to give participants a real-world solution. Jane’s sessions educate and empower participants to learn enough to either do it yourself (DIY) or outsource with confidence.

Jane holds numerous qualifications including a Master in Applied Finance (with Merit), Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (40116 upgrade) and is an International Coaching Federation (ICF) Professional Certified Coach (PCC). Jane worked nearly 20 years in corporate roles in financial markets and investment analytics.

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