Is your virtual assistant (VA) business safe?

Is your virtual assistant (VA) business safe?

STOP right now! Is your VA business safe? This is a ‘laugh and learn’ special webinar for the Sydney Virtual Assistants Support Community (SVASC).

In this one hour lunch laugh and learn, Jane Tweedy from FAQ Business Training will address some issues which face and are often unaddressed by VAs.

Is your VA business safe?

– contractors versus deemed employee
– workers compensation
– council approvals
– workplace health and safety
– Personal Services Income (PSI)
– pricing

Gosh that sounds DRY … drier than the desert! However, this session is super important to all VAs to make sure you are operating safely, and not putting yourselves and your business at risk.

What is a virtual assistant (VA)?

A Virtual Assistant or VA is a person who primarily works remotely as a business assistant. They are like your in-house office support person, team administrator, personal assistant (PA) or even executive assistant (EA), but they mainly work remotely. Often VAs are associated with offshore (especially call centres), however there is a thriving local VA network too!

Local VAs can meet with you in person at times (good for training, or more complicated handovers plus rapport building), plus are in your time zone, and speak the local language and understand the local culture. They are often more capable than simply entering data or typing and can be hired to perform a large variety of functions including social media, editing, blogging, call answering and diary management.

About the Sydney Virtual Assistant Support Community (SVASC)

SVASC is run by two lovely Sydney Hills based Virtual Assistants (VAs). Deb Ricketts from Versatile VA and Amanda Primrose from Streamlined Organising. They decided to operate from a place of community over competition and support local VAs to learn together and to collaborate to best meet their client needs. This group is for Sydney based virtual assistants to socialise, learn, share, support, mentor and engage with other Virtual Assistants in Sydney, Australia.

Reach out to Amanda or Deb via their websites or join their private SVASC Facebook group (make sure you answer the questions to be let in) and join the webinar.

Event Information

  Online via LiveWebinar, NSW, Australia
}  June 25, 2021 to January 25, 2022
  Friday, 12:00 pm to 01:00 pm

Event Organizer

   Sydney Virtual Assistants Support Community

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