A beginners guide to digital tools workshop ASBAS

A beginners guide to digital tools workshop ASBAS

This workshop is for absolute beginners. It introduces you to the basics of digital marketing and more. Please note this is NOT a normal FAQ Business Training workshop. Jane is presenting a slide pack prepared for the program. It is more informational and introductory and is not full of practical actionable tips like the rest of our sessions. Jane will sneak some in though and you can ask questions throughout.

About this ASBAS Digital Basics Workshop

An ASBAS Digital Business Solutions webinar for small businesses.

This absolute entry level workshop for beginners, will take you through the basics of digital. What comes under the heading of digital, what it consists of, and how you can use it to help you grow your business.

Attendees will gain a basic understanding of the digital basics, which will prepare them for further workshops, which explore the various digital topics further.

Who this workshop is for – Absolute beginners with little or no knowledge of digital, such as digital marketing, social media and websites.

Take home for attendees: Attendees will receive a copy of the slides.

Attendee restrictions: No prerequisite – this is for absolute beginners. Please note due to funding attendees must hold an ABN and agree to register for the ASBAS Digital Business Solutions program funded by the Australian Government.

This webinar is delivered under the Australian Government’s Digital Business Solutions Program. By attending you acknowledge agreement with the terms and conditions as outlined here.

Event Information

  Online via Zoom, New South Wales, Australia
}  May 13, 2021
  Thursday, 10:00 am to 12:00 pm

Event Organizer

   Bayside BEC

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