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Hey there. So you’re in the market for a business coach, or not absolutely sure that you need one, or if you do, who to choose? Note this blog does explain how Jane Tweedy offers business coaching, but you may also want to check out our podcast and transcribed blog Do you need a business coach or a business advisor?, where we cover the different support you may need as a small to medium business owner under coaching, mentoring, advice and more.

The following video and transcription, will help to work out what Jane offers as a personal leadership, executive and business coach. Coaching places are limited due to the one-on-one nature. Note, if you can’t get into coaching immediately due to lack of availability or cost, we suggest taking advantage of some of our FAQ Business Training learnings, our FAQBT Business Growth Membership, or small group implementable sessions we offer from time to time.

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Video Transcript: Introducing Jane Tweedy, Professional Certified Coach (PCC with ICF)

Numbers represent time into video in minutes:seconds.

00:08 Well, I’m Jane Tweedy, a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the International Coaching Federation (ICF). I mainly coach via online meetings for our mutual convenience, or I am located in Western Sydney. In case you wonder about the accent, yes. I’m originally from New Zealand. Growing up in windy Wellington.

Reputation for having all the answers – as a coach makes me cringe!

00:29 I’ve gained a reputation since 2017 with thousands of business owners, as being the person to go to when you need help, because I have all the answers. This is a positive thing in some respects, particularly when it comes to advice and training. However for coaching. This can make me cringe.

People forget or don’t realise I’m a proficient business coach and executive coach

00:50 You may wonder why? Well, partly it’s because many forget and don’t realise that I can be their coach. That accountability partner. That mirror to make sure you’re being honest with yourself. \

Coaching is not about what I know!

01:04 But mainly the cringe is, because coaching is not about what I know. It’s about what you already know, that maybe you aren’t tapping into as well as you can. In this case, I use my coaching skills and frameworks, from my coach training, certification and ongoing professional development.

01:23 And of course my ongoing coaching sessions with my clients, to train every single week.

Straight executive coaching and personal leadership coaching

01:31 Currently I offer straight coaching in two scenarios: with CoachHub, where I am a certified executive coach. And with Max Potential community coaching, where I volunteer to help year 11 students with personal leadership.

Coaching digs deeper into the problems not the symptoms

01:45 With coaching, I don’t accept the symptom as the problem. We dig deeper. To identify the real issue that is keeping you stuck. This gets much more effective long-term results. I’ve received great feedback from my coachees that I’ve been able to do this, and we’ve identified those real issues with those coachees to get them to achieve the transformation they desperately seek.

Certified CoachHub Executive Coach

02:10 I’ve worked with CoachHub for over 18 months. They only work with coaches with at least a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) status with the ICF, as it sets a minimum standard of training, and at least 500 hours of coaching to get that qualification.


Some of my executive coachees have up to 3500 staff!

02:28 Some of my coachees have up to 3500 staff, indirectly reporting to them. So I can assure you, you are not too big for me, or I am not too small for you.

Work across industries to provide personal, work and business transformations

02:43 I work with clients across all industries because I’ve worked with 1,950 entrepreneurs one-on-one, and about 50 executives. I love when doing the coaching aspect, to work on things like mindset, thinking shifts, self-belief, strategy, people leadership, time management, and values. Even better, of course, where my clients kick their goals and achieve the transformations they seek. And that, that impacts not just their work or business life. But also their entire life.

P.S. if you think you need someone in your industry or with industry experience you’re actually looking for a business mentor 🙂

03:18 I’m a night owl. So I’m pretty flexible with my hours that I’m available.

Business coaching is often a hybrid model with training and advice

03:22 For small business owners, I typically offer a hybrid model of coaching, advice and training, as you need in a particular session. There is no set framework, no set structure, we go with what you need.


Business training provides fundamental concepts

03:37 You can become a member of my incredibly well-priced FAQBT, FAQ Business Training, Business Growth Membership. Which can provide much of the foundational concepts you need as a business owner. Allowing us to focus in your coaching sessions on applying those techniques and working out what might be holding you back.

Coaching coaches the gap from where you are to where you want to be

03:57 After all coaching coaches the gap. From where you are now to where you want to be in the future. We focus on the transformation to you. To that person that you know, that you can be.

Although not mentioned in the video, Jane is also a Herrmann Certified Practitioner, able to offer HBDI® Profiles and Whole Brain Thinking training. To find out more about this life changing tool, click here.


Love to work with you as a leadership and business coach

04:11 Sounds good? I would love to work with you. Please reach out and see if we are a good fit, and how I can assist you to reach that next step.

To find more about our coaching and advisory service, please check out our business coaching service page. Alternatively, please email to request a brochure or book in for a discovery call.

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