Coping With Crisis Series Day 02 – Self Care

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For those who know me, they’ll know I’ve started my coping with crisis with my two weakest areas – thinking I can do it all – yeah right, and not partaking in one iota of self care! Well this is definitely one I’d like to hear from you about your tips and suggestions for self care, because I’m clearly no expert!

Coping With Crisis Day 02 – Self Care – Video Transcript

Hi there I’m Jane Tweedy and I’m from FAQ business training.
Reading a book called This on Essentialism the Disciplined Pursuit of Less [by Greg McKeown], definitely something I need to be looking into. Now why am I here today, back on the couch. Well it’s about self-care.
I did talk at the start of this 30 days of doing less, of not doing it all. So a very good book to be reading on the topic at the moment. But the key thing I wanted to emphasise to you, is the need to do self-care, particularly in a time like Coronavirus.
We definitely need to make sure we are thinking about looking after ourselves and looking after others. And basically take it easy on ourselves, not giving us such a hard time.
Now I’ve seen people in the first few days of the New South Wales ‘go back to school’ and OMG already I’m seeing the stories from the mums going OMG we can’t cope with this. We can’t deal with this. Already on the first or the second day. Absolutely blowing up at their kids having a nightmare. Oh my gosh. So funny, well not funny I suppose for the families involved, but kind of funny from an outsider looking in. [We do also need to be able to laugh at ourselves, and the memes have got us through this time!]

Unrealistic expectations

But it’s because often they’ve set unrealistic expectations. You can’t expect that everything you could do before you can do now. Just because you could work between 9:30 and 2:30 before, because that’s when your kids were at school, that doesn’t mean you can do that now. So don’t set unrealistic expectations on yourself.
If you are in a place like New Zealand or Australia where homeschooling is kind of the norm at the moment, then bear in mind that it can’t be normal. Life can’t be normal. You have to deal with this. Even if you’ve not got kids, working from home, you have potentially a partner working from home. You’ll have two of you working in a confined space. I’ve got friends who are working across dining tables from each other and it’s just not conducive to a good working environment!

Break your day up

So make sure you’re taking the time out to have self-care. Make sure that you break your day up. Make sure you go for a walk if that’s what you do or make sure you read a book if that’s your thing to chill out. Do a bit of exercise, do a bit of dancing. I had a bit of fun the other night creating some TikToks and things. Do whatever it takes to make you feel stupid, relaxed, fun. Do some stuff for self-care, so life is not all about being boring and business like and I know I can come across as boring and business like sometimes But you know what, I, like the rest you, I like to have some fun.

Find time for self care every day

I like to get out there and do some things that are a bit different you know. I’ve done the old skydiving and parasailing and paragliding and all those sort of things. But on an everyday basis it’s about finding time and a day to do something for self care. And I know I am guilty or not doing this, so I am definitely in this case (and I’m always transparent) and I will tell you I am guilty of not looking after myself. Clearly. But also not looking after just my self care. Not giving myself enough time. Giving my clients too much of my time and not actually giving it up for me.
So I know I need to work on this. As much as I’m telling you this, I’m kind of going Jane listen. Maybe do this yourself. But I need to do this, so I need to make sure I’m going for a walk each day, I need to make sure that I’m taking some time to read or watch some TikToks or watch a series. I’ve still got Ozark. Oh my gosh haven’t watched that yet. Love it, but still haven’t managed to watch season 3. So this is where we need to use our time and go you know what.

Eisenhowser Urgent/Important Matrix

The urgent and important Matrix, the Eisenhower Matrix. I saw it presented by a lady one time, and instead of putting in the non-urgent but important box things like family, friends, fun she put that in the non-important non-urgent box. OMG, so wrong make sure that you fit time into that not-urgent but important box things to do with self-care, because you know what, maintaining your health, maintaining your mental health, your sanity, particularly in a time of crisis is so important. So please do that.

What are your self care tips?

Please do what I say, not so much do what I do on this one. But hopefully I can help to get some tips and things as well. So I’d love to hear some of your tips from how you manage your self-care.
I’m Jane Tweedy and I’m the Founder of FAQ Business Training. Hopefully with some help from you guys as well, I will improve my self care too. Catch you later. Bye bye.

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