Coping With Crisis Series Day 01 – You Can’t Do It All

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Today we start our Coping With Crisis 30 day Series with something critical – reminding you YOU CAN’T DO IT ALL! Well certainly not all right now!! Trying to do it all is a sure recipe for disaster for small business owners, and will not help you! Over the next 30 days we’re going to share tips to help you get your business through this Coronavirus pandemic, but you don’t need to do them all.


Video transcript – You Can’t Do It All

Day One – Coping with Crisis Tip Series

Hi there everybody I’m Jane Tweedy from FAQ Business Training. Now you may wondering why I’m starting my tips slothing around on a couch. Well, I thought this was a great place to start, because you know what, although I’m talking about 30 things you can do to cope with crisis, I don’t expect you to do them all. I don’t want you to do them all and stop trying to do it all. So what I’m talking about today is not doing it all. Why? Because we are so overwhelmed. We spend our lives often as small business owners getting overwhelmed.

Oh my god, I’ve got so much stuff to do. There is so much on my to-do list! Oh my gosh!

I share it as I run multiple businesses and have various other things going on. I know there is no way I could even get through my to-do list if the whole world stopped!

Pick and choose wisely what to do

So what I thought I would talk about today is about not doing at all. So I want you to understand that not doing it all doesn’t mean we don’t do it forever. It just means we pick and choose selectively what we do. So a good example is thinking about what you do in your business. At the moment there are seriously a million webinars you could do, like a million and yeah great they’re all free, and they’re  great opportunities… Hey I’m offering some great webinars, but you’ve got to pick and choose wisely. Don’t do them all just do the ones that are most relevant to you, that you know you can implement, and will implement, and that have some sort of practical outcome to them.

Do your homework and implement

So whenever I do my webinars, I do give people homework. I do that for a reason. Because I want you to genuinely be able to use the content I’m giving. I want you to genuinely actually implement it. Because otherwise honestly, why bother doing it? I see so many people going to training and learning stuff, after stuff, after stuff and they’re just learning and learning and learning and they get so overwhelmed because they’re so much and their heads oh my god oh my god and pooowwww and they blow. We don’t want to see that, we don’t need to see that, so what I want you to do is take a step back, stop and think.

What is it that you actually need for your business? 

What goals are you trying to achieve? What is the mission in your business and what are your values? What is your vision? And then stop and think about what is going to help you achieve those?

Don’t do the thing

So if it’s something, oh cool it would be really nice to learn about podcasts, but you don’t need to do a podcast, then don’t do the podcast thing. Focus on what you do need to do, building up your email list or whatever it is. But remember we all have hundreds of thousands of things we could choose to do each day. Millions of things we could choose to do each day. But it is our choice and whenever we choose something we choose to not do something else.

Is your choice sustainable?

So in my case you may be able to tell by the bags under my eyes, for me my choice is to do something, anything, over sleeping. Now clearly that’s not sustainable in the long term, and I know that. But you need to be mindful you’re making that choice. If I make a choice to give up an hour’s sleep (or two, or three, or four) then I’m making that choice at a sacrifice potentially to my health , to my wellbeing, to whatever. So I need to remember that as long as I’m consciously making that decision for myself then I’m okay with that. So make sure you’re making your decision for yourself.

Make your decisions yourself

I was speaking to someone earlier today and she was going on about “my mentor said this, and then this other expert said this, and this person said that”, but I’m like, nah nah, I don’t care about what all those people have to say. What do you want to do? Because at the end of the day it’s your business, it’s your decision, and you have got to be ultimately responsible for your choices. It can’t come down to somebody else. So what I’m here to do today is simply to remind you we can’t do it all. What I would like to see is that you’re not trying to do it all, but rather you are trying to do the right things for your business and the right things for you.

The crisis trifecta #crisistrifecta – be kind

There is a crisis trifecta going on at the moment okay. We are living in a world where we are subject to three crises on top of each other. A global financial crisis, a health crisis and a lifestyle crisis. And you might not have realised about that latter one, but that latter one honestly is having bigger effects on people than the other two combined in a lot of cases. Consider that each of those crises causes grief and loss, each of those crises causes us to go through ups and downs.

Don’t be surprised if you’re feeling brilliant one day, and all motivated woo woo woo, and the next day you feel completely flat. Unfortunately that is the world we’re in at the moment. So we’ve got to get through this, and what I want you to do is to get through it! So don’t try and do it all, do what’s important to you but do make sure you’re looking after yourself. You’re being kind to yourself. You’re being kind to others.

Join us for our 30 days – but don’t do it all!

I look forward to hearing from you about the things you are implementing in your business and you are doing along with us in our 30 days of ideas. But, I don’t want to hear you suffering trying to do them all, that is not what we’re about I look forward to hearing from you. Keep in touch, keep an eye on us, and keep along with us for 30 days of tips of coping with Corona.

Bye bye [for now!]. 

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