Coping with Crisis Day 08 – Easiest Ways to Market

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The last two posts have been focused on our need to continue marketing even during a crisis if we want to maintain our business resilience. This tip addresses the easiest ways to market – to our already hot and warm leads. You may have a lot more warm leads lying around than you were even aware of!

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 Transcription of The Easiest Ways to Market video

Hi, everybody, I’m Jane Tweedy and I’m from FAQ Business Training to talk to you about coping with crisis. Today in our series, we’re going to talk about the easiest way to market, the easiest audience that you have. Who are they? They’re our existing clients and those contacts that you’ve made at networking meetings.


The easiest way to market – to our existing customers


So today, we’re going to talk about the easiest way to market to those clients that are already our clients, the people that have already bought from us, they already know us, like us, love us. Why would we not reach out to them again?


Give reasons to be on your email list and your socials


Some people just don’t do this. You deal with a customer, you make the sale, you close the sale, do the thing, and that’s it. Off you go. What a waste! If that person is just kept in contact with a little bit, if you get them on a regular email system, where you’re giving them valuable content and making it clear why they should open that channel. Awesome. If you’re getting them on your socials and again, being clear why they should be on your social channel and maybe give them something a bit mixed up. Something a bit different from what they’re going to get on the email.


So that way you’re going to engage them through both channels. But for those you don’t capture currently, they’re not on your emails, they’re not in your Facebook feed or whatever. How do we get in touch with them?


Call your past clients or connect on LinkedIn


Ring them up! Get in touch. Connect with them on LinkedIn. So getting in touch with those existing clients are by far the easiest. But I bet you’ve got a few more things lying around. Now, if you can’t get hold of those existing clients easily, I would suggest it’s partly because you don’t have a CRM.


What’s a CRM?

 A CRM is a client relationship management system. And one of the complaints I hear from medium sized businesses, is that they realise, oh dear, we should have maintained our client database much earlier in the piece.



So I implore all small businesses, if you do not have any form of CRM at the moment, then think about getting one in place. So your email marketing system is usually not your CRM. Usually they work together. They may be one and the same, but often they are separate. So do make sure that you have emails, but you also have a proper client relationship management (CRM) system where you can store details about your clients.


Impress your clients by remembering the special things 


I know years ago when I used to work at Westpac, and I worked in the commercial foreign exchange area and I’d speak to my clients. And I’d say to my client, oh, how was little doggy’s surgery? How was little Timmy the dog’s surgery. And they were like, Oh, wow, yeah, thanks for asking. And there’d be so impressed that I would remember the stuff. Did I remember it? My God, I can’t remember everything I hear.



So what I did obviously, is I made some notes about those key little things about people in the client relationship management system. [Note privacy laws are a little different now so do be careful about what you make note of and where.] Next time I had the stuff there. I had things I could talk to them about and made them feel really engaged. And the difference is I wouldn’t have put it in the system if I didn’t genuinely care okay. So I could not bother, and I certainly did bother. One of the other things we can do, though, is that we often go to networking events and we collect a lot of business cards.


The other easy way to market – your warm networking leads


 Now, I go to networking events and I actually make it a point of not giving out a business card unless it’s asked for. So I do not end up with a whole stack of business cards. But that said, I’ve still got boxes and boxes. You know, these are selection of business cards out of this box. Right? So these people, are these people that I reach out to? Are these people I connect with? So I can look through these and go okay, this person, Rohan, no, I don’t think I’ve met with this person recently.


Make use of those business cards lying around!


Maybe it’s a time for me to touch base. So I could either email him directly, I could phone him or I could probably connect on LinkedIn, which is probably my preferred channel. Because at the moment, given I’m quite busy, it might be a way for them to catch up and see what’s going on in my world, and for me to see what’s going on in their’s. So that could be a good way to get in touch. So I would at least reach out and see if these people are on LinkedIn and at least connect on there.


Arrange a catch-up for potential collaborators


But, ideally, for the ones that I think, oh, it looks like we’ve got some really good synergies here, things that maybe we could collaborate on, they’re the ones I might, you know, arrange to have a virtual chat with, or maybe go and meet up for coffee. Make sure we’re making use of these things. So these would be what we would call our warm leads.

Remain connected with your past clients


So in summary, make sure that we’re using our existing client base. That we are connecting with them. We’re remaining in touch with them. We’re letting them know what’s going on in our world, and finding out what’s going on in theirs. Remember, it’s not all about us, it’s what’s in it for them.



Do that for your existing client base, but also reach out to those people on your business cards and things, that you’ve met at networking events, and you just haven’t quite got through to the follow up stage. So if you do that, you might find that there’s actually a lot of warm and hot leads already at your little fingertips.



So I’m Jane Tweedy. I’m from FAQ Business Training, and I’m helping you to cope with crisis.


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