Coping With Crisis Day 07 – Types of Marketing Strategies

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Day 6 we confirmed people should continue selling but to be careful with messaging. Today we suggest what types of marketing strategies may work most effectively during crisis. This is not the tactics, but rather the strategic marketing messaging. Even in good times a lot of your social media marketing for instance is going to be informing and entertaining, with only around 20% selling focused. So today we suggest some ways to connect with customers. Come back for Day 8 where we talk about the easiest way to market.


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Transcription of Types of Marketing Strategies video

Hi there, everybody, I’m Jane Tweedy and I’m from FAQ Business Training with another tip from our Coping with Crisis series. Today, we’re talking about another marketing topic and it’s a bit of an extension from our session before about marketing in a crisis. Just a few more things about the specific types of things that we want to actually market in this time of crisis.


Marketing strategies in a crisis may differ from normal


Hi, everybody, thanks for coming back. The marketing things that we want to do in a time of crisis may differ a little bit from the marketing we do normally. If we normally spend quite a bit of time selling and things, and maybe we’re not even open.

80% of the time inform and entertain – don’t sell!


Well, then obviously marketing is something that we’re not even open is probably not the best idea. So what can we do instead? Look at other ways we can market and honestly, 80, 90 percent of the time anyway, in a normal time, you shouldn’t actually be just selling. Selling is not what people are interested in. When you look at the algorithm on something like Facebook, they’re about informing and educating and entertaining. So think about that when you’re putting posts together. If it’s just a smarmy sales post it ain’t gonna get very far.

Be silly on TikTok

So think about how you can do your marketing and what type of marketing you do and the platform you’ll market on. A good example of a platform that you can be a bit silly on, but also show some humanisation of your brand is through TikTok. And a lot of people are having some real fun with their brands on that. And if you look at some of the feeds you may look at and go, what’s that got to do with them?


Casual stories and behind the scenes


But it’s showing their fun side. And with a small business particularly, it can be a great way to showcase your personality. So don’t be afraid of putting that is a bit of a marketing mix in there and then what people are doing are then downloading some of their TikTok videos and then they’re posting them on and stories or Facebook stories or something like that. So the great thing with stories like Facebook stories and Instagram stories is that they showcase a bit of behind the scenes they can be casual, they can be more relaxed.


Highlights on Instagram


They don’t have to be polished and they only stay up for 24 hours. So we also get a bit of a feel then. Well, what stuff kind of is resonating with our audience and what’s not? So then we can get a feel on our page that’s going to stay there more permanently. Now we can on Instagram set things into our highlights. And they’re those little round buttons on someone’s profile, so we can use those to then have something more permanent as a permanent record of what we’re up to. But they can just be temporary. Just a bit of Fly-By-Night, have a bit of fun, hahaha, move on.


Mindful messaging


So remember, marketing in a time of crisis is not just about selling. It’s also really important to consider the messaging. We talked about that the other day. The fact you have got to be mindful of the situation you’re in and the way that your audience is feeling. Don’t make them feel worse than they already are. But don’t also try and lift them up here, when they’re way down here. Lift them up, but don’t try and take them out of the park too quickly. You might put them in a bit of a state of shock.


Showcase your expertise


So we can also use this time of crisis to showcase our expertise, a lot of you are very quiet in your businesses, nobody knows you’re existing. And I had one of my clients yesterday, actually might be a couple of days, well even years ago by the time you see this.


But my client, she said, you know, I started my first Facebook Live and I’m like, awesome, that’s great. But what she showcased was in a time of crisis is how her business had evolved and changed. Now, the great thing about that, is it’s letting people know that she’s still open for business, but it’s also letting people know the kind of activity she’s up to. And she’s incredibly inventive. So she’s done a really great thing. So she’s actually an events manager.


Reinventing and letting people know 


And initially, I got a bit of a message from, oh, my God, the world’s fallen over and everything has stopped. And that was what it looked like for a lot of events managers. A lot of events managers were in a very bad place, but she kind of reinvented herself. So she’s been helping people run online events, but in particular, she’s been helping her developer clients with continuing with their community engagement events that she’s been doing in person.


But now she’s got things like online yoga classes, online cooking classes. She’s running 40 Zoom sessions a week. Like that’s cray, cray. She’s busier now than what she normally would be through the winter period. It’s crazy. So that’s just an example of how we can turn things from a negative to a positive.


Celia Wouters from Events Outsourced. Definitely a great event manager. If you’re looking at somebody that thinks a little bit differently, but also she is bang on making sure everything is run smick and to the mark. She will not run a conference or something and let things get out of control and go late and all that. No, no, no, not on her watch. She’s a great events manager and I would recommend checking out her services should you need them.


Demos and online classes


 We can also do things like do a demo. So as I mentioned, you know, they had things like online cooking classes as part of their sessions. So another lady that’s doing cool things in this space and who’s actually working with Celia is Jennie from The Cooks Workshop.


 So what Jennie is doing in her space, she’s lucky her son is a videographer. And I watched her videos about pizza cobs, making a pizza cob. And it was so professional. She had the aerial kind of shot coming down to look at a close up of the food being made. She had the face to face shot, talking to the camera perfectly. Did a fantastic job. And again, that brings more audience to her. So she can then run online courses that are more professional, as she calls them, or, you know, has the experts teaching. But Jennie does a great job teaching, too.


So it’s really good to see some of these businesses evolving in the space. So doing demos and things can be great. You may have a product that you sell that requires a little bit of setup work or something to be done. Shoot a bit of a demo, explain it and even do an outtake video.


Bloopers reel


People love outtakes. You know, keep all the cats walked in and knocked over the tripod type stuff, or the where you burst into a fit of laughter, or the chainsaw started next door.


Put all that stuff together as a bloopers reel. People love bloopers reels. So things like that. And again, that’s another place that we can have fun. That’s another thing you can share on your Instagram or your stories or whatever. But a bloopers reel every now and then on your feed is also going to be fun, too. So think about ways that you can market to show your expertise, but also show your fun side. And this comes down a bit to having your brand voice sorted.


Key takeaways for marketing during a crisis 


If you want to show a fun side, then make sure that you are actually showcasing stuff that is fun. So think about what you can do in this time of crisis to change and mix up your marketing a bit. And you might find some of these things that you do now will stick around in the long term.

So I’m Jane Tweedy. I’m here from FAQ Business Training and this is part of our Coping with Crisis series.

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