Coping With Crisis Day 06 – Marketing Strategies

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We’ve seen many people deliberating about whether they should market during a crisis. People worried about coming across as taking advantage of the situation. Forgetting there are people who still want and need to buy. So in this session we address why you still need to market, and why how you market may revert to a lower cost option. Marketing ia a key component in maintaining business resilience.

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Hi there everybody I’m Jane Tweedy, and I’m from FAQ Business Training. Should you be marketing at a time of crisis? Do you have the funds to market at a time of crisis? That’s what we’re going to cover in today during our series – marketing during a time of crisis.

Should you market during a crisis?

So marketing in a time of crisis. Should you do it? Hell yes! We definitely want to get out there and put our messages out there. More so than ever really. We want to keep people knowing we’re still viable, even if our business is not actually running at this point in time.

It’s really important to keep in front of people. It’s important to still make them know that you exist, whether you’re open, what innovations you have implemented. Things that you’ve changed to make sure that people are safe, people are welcome in your business. 

Why should you market?

So first of all, we’re going to look at should you market? Well yes of course you should. The reason you’re going to market though is to understand that people still need to know that you are working. They still need to know that you’re open. Still need to know when and how are you delivering. How you’re running your service. So if you  normally do face-to-face, well obviously we’re not doing face to face at the moment for a lot of services, so we need to say well what are we doing instead. Let people know, hey we’re running Zoom sessions, or we’re running whatever. Just let them know what’s going on.

Great business innovations

I’ve seen some really great innovations from people. A really good example is Tiny Toes Ballet. Love Rebecca’s business, it’s awesome. And what she’s done with her team, is she’s delivered in two different methods. So she’s got online that are live sessions with her little toddler and things so they can watch their teachers live and get that you know, interaction with the teacher which is really cute. But they also have pre-recorded sessions, and that allows innovation. That allows them to have that virtual green screen behind and they can then do sessions where they’re doing their ballet underwater, or being chased by an animal or something. It’s really cute and really well done. 

Changes which can last long-term

So they also been creating something obviously, that if people love it now, they’re going to love it at other times. There’s people that can’t go to a face-to-face session, so she’s actually creating something for the long-term. Which I really love. So definitely check out her business, Tiny Toes Ballet it’s really cute.

Should you launch your ‘thing’?

But other businesses are asking the question – should I market or should I not? Another lady I follow is Kate Toon and she has her Facebook group I Love SEO With Kate Toon, and I highly recommend you doing that and doing her SEO Nibbles course, and eventually maybe doing her full course on SEO. But with her business, she had her big course she runs, her Recipe for SEO Success, was coming up. 

It was due to come up in that sort of March period, to be launched. And she had to make that call – do I launch my course or not? She put a few posts up in the group about oohh I’m a bit you know, should I do this or not, and she went ahead and did it. So normally her course sells out in under a day. She makes six figures basically in under a day, which is pretty impressive. So in this time, it was a little slower to sell. But a day and a half! She still sold out though. The point is, people still wanted what she had. And in fact, a lot of people would have done it now, over doing it normally, because it was actually at a time which was more suited to them. Their business wasn’t open,son instead of working in there business, they were actually able to work on it. So don’t be afraid of launching your stuff.

Brand voice and messaging

Don’t be afraid of marketing. However, make sure you’re thinking about your messages. Messaging is always important. I’m speaking to a lot of people at the moment about their brand voice. About their customers and making sure that they’re connecting the two together, and coming up with great messaging for their marketing.

Avoid spray and pray marketing

And, that’s really exciting to work on and I love when people go back to the bare bones and go woah woah woah. Instead of just putting out more content. Doing what I call spray and pray. We drop the spray and pray mentality and we take that step back, and go okay. How can we actually connect with our audience. Super important.

So what they’re doing is making that step back, connecting with their audience better, and then they can actually put out the right content.

Example of poor marketing messaging

Now, the worst example honestly I’ve probably seen, maybe not the worst, but it’s certainly up there. It was right at the start of the crisis. The first kind of week of lockdowns in Australia. When we’ve been told travel is banned. You know, weddings are 5 people. All that kind of stuff. And there was an ad for a lender put on TV, and so the TV commercial had obviously been pre-planned and all the rest of it, that’s great. But maybe they should have a generic plan B, just in case of things going wrong. 
What happened was this ad goes up and the ad is for a lender.

Now in times of crisis a lender comes in handy. But when the lender goes on and basically says these people might be in financial trouble because they were going to a destination wedding in Fiji. Owww cringe. You have just alienated anyone that had weddings that got them cancelled. Anyone that had a holiday in Fiji cancelled. Anyone that loves Fiji and knows they’re not going to be able to go there for a long time . You’ve alienated all those people. That is not going to win you any friends.

Be sensitive to your audience in your marketing

When you’re marketing you’ve got to be sensitive to the conditions around you. Don’t make it sound YEAH, YEAH, YEAH, RAH, RAH RAH, if your particular audience is feeling awww or meh. Don’t you know. Think about your messages. Think about what you’re putting out there. It is super important in normal times, but even more important in a time of crisis. So yes you should be marketing, but you do need to watch your messages.

The cost of marketing – may need to revert to Low Cost

The third point is the cost of the marketing. Now some of you would sometimes go through elaborate and expensive campaigns. I know a lot of people have ditched their social media managers, ditched their digital marketing managers. All those type of roles, those outsourced tasks that were done for them, because they can’t [or were not sure if they could] afford it.

But does that mean you stop marketing altogether? Hell no. As we said before it’s so hard to get the messages out their at the best of times. When we stop, and go on a hiatus,  people forget about us. And if people forget about us, they’re not going to refer us. They’re not going to come to us when they need what we offer. 

Low Cost Online Marketing workshop/webinar

So please, please,please make sure that you’re still getting out there. So for instance I teach a course on Low Cost Online Marketing. [Which I happen to have coming up again a couple of times in September. Check out our Upcoming Events page for details of the two online workshops on Wednesday 2nd September 2020 and Wednesday 16 September 2020 – free to NSW and ACT residents.]

During the session I run through a lot of the principles around low-cost online marketing. Around the things like making sure you get your messaging right. Then you look at your execution vs your tactics. And then we’ll run through some of the key things you can do to market your business, to help you get on the front page of Google, and to communicate in socials.

So we’re gonna do those things but on top of that I give you afterwards a list, or a spreadsheet actually, of about 200 plus, actually it’s well more than 200 now of things that you can do in your business. Whether they are places you can market, tools you can use, people you can reach out to, training you can do… All of that, that keeps your marketing low and no cost.

So if that’s of interest to you please check out that. It’s a great session. I’ve run it a number times and it’s a well loved session.
For those of you missing out in September, I will be running this session at other times as a webinar and online training course. So do look out for those coming up in the future. Keep an eye on our Upcoming Events page.

Three takeaways for marketing during a crisis

But, to leave you with the 3 takeaways from today. Are you marketing in a time of crisis? Yes! Keep up the marketing. You need to keep your business up there. Number two, watch your positioning. Watch your messaging. So, so important. And number three, yes you can still market for low and no cost. You may need to change the channels you’re using for your marketing but it is a time still to keep marketing, but it is a time still to keep marketing. 

So I’m Jane Tweedy, I’m from FAQ Business Training and I’m hoping I’m helping you cope with a time of crisis. Catch us in the rest of the Coping With Crisis series. I look forward to seeing you next time. Thank you.

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