Coping With Crisis Day 03 – Online Selling of Products and Services

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Online selling whether through selling products or courses, via Zoom coaching calls, webinars, even online ballet classes, many businesses have used this time of crisis to jump online. For some it’s all new, for some a long overdue push to get things happening online, and for others they were there anyway, but needed a greater focus to ensure success.

If you are looking at running webinars and want some practical tips of what not to do, please read our blog Avoid These Sales Techniques in Your Webinars.

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Video Transcript Day Three – Online Selling of Products and Services

Hi there I’m Jane Tweedy and I’m from FAQ Business Training. You may be thinking, wow, we can’t see people in person or we’re very restricted from whom we can see. We’ll just jump online and everything will be solved. Now some of you may have made already tried this, with varying degrees of success. 

Should you go online? Yes!

Some of you may still yet to make the leap. Now 100% I think that your businesses should be online. Why? Because we’ve seen massive stats regardless, well before Coronavirus, that you should be online. So that the amount of people buying online was going up. 

Barriers for online selling and buying reduced

Now if anyone was scared about buying online, the fact that they’ve been doing it for the last 4 weeks or so, or longer depending on where you are, would likely mean that these people actually they don’t have that issue anymore. So the barrier to being online has greatly reduced. The barrier from the customer buying, the barrier from the business selling has all been reduced

Avoid the pitfalls of selling online

So should you be online? Hell yes! But how do you sell online doesn’t work effectively. Well we’ve been running a course for the past year and a half or so mainly through City of Parramatta Council and Western Sydney Business Centre about selling online and avoiding pitfalls. Because there are definitely some pitfalls to avoid. Things like the images that you choose. How you choose to use them. What you name them. How big they are, all have an impact on how successful your website is. 
So we have a course coming up about creating an online business, but doing so in a way that avoids the pitfalls that many face.

Selling products (including dropshipping) and services

We’re going to talk about a few different issues. So we used to do this mainly about dropshipping, because it was brought about in the time when everyone was pushing that. I don’t think that’s such an issue anymore, so the focus of the course has definitely changed and we will talk a little bit more about selling services, like we do, as well as selling products like you know products like t-shirts and things. 

What our free webinar covers

If you are interested in selling online, please look out for our courses. We talk about things like how to get found how to get found on Google, how to sell your product, how to setup your product descriptions. What type of platform you should be on? Is it WordPress is it Wix, is it Etsy? Where should you be? So we’re going to talk about all these and more, but the key thing is, what not to do wrong. We’re really going to focus on that side of it, to make sure that you know what to do right.

Free webinar – Setting up an Online Business

So if you are in New South Wales, we do have a course coming up on [Wednesday 9th September 2020 AEST 10am-12pm], which we would love you to take part in. If you’re outside New South Wales you can express some interest to us, as we will look at putting this course online for own audience separately [at a low cost]. But this one is with Western Sydney Business Centre and is available to people under the New South Wales Government funded Business Connect program [hence it can be offered free].

So getting online, do you need to do it? Hell yes! But, if you don’t do it right, I can tell you for now that you will absolutely get no traffic. Okay I see many, many websites start and have zero traffic. Now that’s fine if you’re in our situation [I do need some sleep! 😴], and you don’t really want customers right now. Because we don’t really have it set up yet to sell, that’s fine. But as soon as I’m ready to sell, you betcha my website will be geared up to get traffic to it.

So I’m going to teach you some of that. I’m going to teach about some of the ways to get onto Google for free. There’s going to be various things we learn at that session. So please, if you’re in New South Wales and you’re interested in selling online, or you have been selling online and just not effectively, please jump on that session with us.

I’m Jane Tweedy, the Founder from FAQ Business Training, helping you to get found online.

About FAQ Business Training

If this is the first time you’ve come across us you may want to know who we are! FAQ Business Training has a mission to educate and empower action-taking small business owners to learn enough to do it yourself (DIY) or outsource with confidence, to avoid you getting ripped off, or ripping yourself off.

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