People who know me, know that I love my SEO tools (tools for Search Engine Optimisation). Ubersuggest by Neil Patel is a fantastic tool I’ve been using a lot lately, as a quick way to review a client’s website. Ubersuggest is continually being added to and Neil’s released a video explaining why he’s produced this tool. His intention for next year (2020) is to pave the way for automated SEO using his tools, machine intelligence and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Neil admits he does not know if this will even work or how much he will be able to do. In the meantime why not take advantage of this amazing tool! Although these features are available through other tools, this one has beautiful displays and is easy to follow.

Keyword Research

The tool opens with a section of keyword research so you can search by country and language for results. When you click on the keyword it tells you the competitors that rank above you in their average position. You can export the keywords to a CSV file at a click of a button.

Site Audit and SEO Issues

Some of the more recent additions are a site audit and backlink tracking. These again are amazing additions to this product. The site audit allows you to look at your website or even your competitors websites and work out what is going on. It tells you things like your Domain Score (aka Domain Authority) out of 100. It tells you if there are any SEO issues, and if they have a high, moderate or low chance of impacting your SEO. You can drilldown and identify exactly where the potential issues are coming from.


The backlink section is a way of checking what off-site SEO has been completed for your site when an external agency has been engaged. In many cases there is a lot of backlink creation to your website. Some clients have been horrified to find out they’ve been placed on dodgy blogs on made up websites. Many are placed on a lot of directories out of state, when they only service people in their state. The reason the directories have been linked, are because these are often news site related business directories that have good Domain Authority. It does explain to people why they were getting some weird phone calls they did not expect from out of state. You can actually search your competitors site for their backlinks and find high Domain Authority sites to connect with.


The trouble with being on so many directories, is in the maintaining of them. If these SEO companies are setting them up, are they giving you log-ins and passwords which they are creating to sign up to the account? If details change you need to be able to update your details otherwise you potentially have many hundreds or in some cases many thousands of these out-of-date listings floating around. I personally think you should go for less of these backlinks, but if there are some high Domain Authority ones they’re probably going to do you no harm.

Check out Ubersuggest – one of the best free SEO tools around

So, if you know a little bit about SEO I strongly suggest having a look at Ubersuggest by Neil Patel, and even if you don’t maybe take a look. You might realise that some of the things are actually not that tricky. Ubersuggest gives you a lot of information about where the problems are and gives you a little information about how to fix them. If you have any issues you can get in touch with us and we can assist.

User Experience (UX) and Google Analytics

One of the things Ubersuggest does not currently do, and I’m not sure whether it could be built-in, is User Experience (UX) and the way we need to be guided around a site. The logical layout of a website is not currently included in the product.

For instance, I have a client that was sending three different ads, for three different services to the same home page. This home page is not specific, made worse by an image and text at the top of the page not really conveying what the page is about, therefore has a high bounce rate (80% Australian). Bounce rate means the people leaving (or bouncing out of) the webpage without moving to another page.

Therefore, her ads are leading people to her home page with an 80% bounce rate when the individual pages only have a 15% bounce rate. Imagine how much more effective her ads would be if she directed them to the correct pages instead of just the homepage. This information I could see clearly simply from looking at the website. In addition it was strongly supported by Google Analytics numbers.


SEO Training

Many people when I do SEO workshops say they have Google Analytics, however almost none of them look at their Google Analytics or understand how to review the data. Please make an effort to complete some SEO training, including learning how to read Google Analytics. You can attend SEO training through myself, through Kate Toon or try the Google Digital Garage courses.


This blog was written by our Founder Jane Tweedy.

Jane is currently a Business Connect Advisor part-time for NSW small businesses in Western Sydney (especially Blacktown and The Hills), and Founder and Lead Trainer of FAQ Business Training. Outside NSW Jane can offer remote business advice and some business consulting through FAQ Business Consulting. Please contact Jane here.


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