‘International Bestselling author’

Author Jane Tweedy

Jane Tweedy became an ‘international bestselling author’ in August 2018 with her involvement in #BetterWoman Better World, a compilation of stories from women around the world

Our founder Jane, wanted to write books for some time. However until 2018, published writing had been limited to website content and weekly articles for The Western Weekender (Penrith, NSW), replicated in The Blue Mountains Record, and monthly articles in The Dooral Roundup (Dural, NSW).

Jane was invited to join an anthology of women from five countries, including Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and United States. This book was released in Kindle format in August 2018, and reached ‘International Best Seller’ status in multiple categories on Amazon. This book will soon be released in a slightly edited paperback format.

The Amazon Author Central link can be found here.

There is a very good reason why ‘International Bestseller’ is placed in what could be termed air quotes (yes visualise me with my fingers up doing air quotes). Although I suspected the process was somewhat farcical, this process certainly proved that it was! In fact the first Kindle version that went up had my chapter in with tracked changes – and one whole page was basically crossed out – not what I would call bestseller material! Anyway on a technicality it can be claimed and others would, but given my values of transparency I need to be honest that it’s a title very easy to claim. 

The anthology process also provided many other learnings, which I will one day share.


#BetterWoman Better World

#BetterWoman BetterWorld is about women Showing Up, Standing Up and Speaking Up to create a better world. Jane’s story is about creating her FAQ Business mission.

Jane was invited to join this anthology of women from five countries. This book was recently released in Kindle format and reached ‘International Bestseller’ status in multiple categories on Amazon. This book will soon be released in paperback format following some editing work by a new editing team.

In Australia you can purchase the book here.

Doing Business in the Digital Age

for the Micro Business Owner

A compilation of stories from IBN Inc. members

As a training exercise for the members of Independent Business Network Inc. (IBN Inc.), the members all produced a chapter about their business and how the digital age has impacted their businesses including FAQ Business Training.

A copy of this eBook can be downloaded free from independentbusinessnetworkinc.com

What’s coming next?

Jane intends to write a series of business books, commencing with a book about the unique challenges that face ex corporate employees going into small business. If you fall into this category and are interested in contributing to this book, please contact Jane using the form below.

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