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Jane Tweedy


Strengths and experience

Business Trainer

Jane regularly presents face to face, including workshops, on panels and as a speaker.  Jane shares information online through Facebook, LinkedIn, and Quora and through print media including The Dooral Roundup (online and delivered to Dural/Galston, Hills Shire/Hornsby). Jane is also host of the FAQ Business Podcast.

Public Speaker

Regularly presents at networking groups, events and conferences, on panels and as a conference speaker on various topics. Spoken at WordCamp Sydney twice #wcsyd, #CopyCon18 (Australian copywriting conference), and the online BBB Small Business Skills Summit twice + AGHA Sydney and many more.

Course development

Constantly developing new courses to best meet the evolving needs of small business owners. The world doesn’t stand still, so training material can’t either. We evolve to ensure our material is valid and usable. Love tailoring courses to the audience so our talks are not cookie cutter.

Business strategy

Experienced business strategist with businesses of all sizes, from a business of one, through to crown entities and areas within major ASX Companies. A unique ability to combine the detailed analytics and birds-eye view of strategy for best effect.

Customer service

Always maintain a high customer service ethic, through genuinely wanting to help people succeed. Can’t stand when people are ripped off, and have stepped in as an advocate a few times to get clients a solution to their issues.

Values driven

Core values are what make us unique, and some of these values have been mentioned here. Jane has always deeply cared about her clients and their wellbeing, sometimes at expense of herself (and sleep!), and is stubborn at sticking to core values.

Jane’s story

Jane Tweedy has a personal mission in life to leave the world a better place, by empowering and educating a million people to achieve success in their business and careers, so they can be the best versions of themselves. This may sound pretty far fetched, but if you meet Jane you’ll know that her passion is high, and she genuinely means it. Each one of us can ‘be the change’.

An entrepreneur at five

Jane grew up in Wellington, New Zealand. Selling pumices in front of a holiday house when she was a five year old, is where the entrepreneurial spirit first showed it’s head, and at six years old Jane was already volunteering raising money for charity.

University and corporate work

Jane went to university (Victoria University of Wellington) studying commerce and concurrently worked at McDonald’s as a shift manager (with secondary functions like store training manager and payroll/administration manager).

This cemented her view that experience is more important than paper qualifications (yes despite the amount held!). Jane went on to work at some of Australasia’s big four banks, and as the sole investment analyst of the NZD5.5 billion EQC Natural Disaster Fund.

Small business and directorships

Over time Jane started small business ventures including wedding photography, property investing and resume writing. Jane has also been a committee member and director guiding strategy, and is currently a Director on a Bendigo Community Bank board (Hawkesbury – Richmond and North Richmond branches). But it wasn’t until starting as a Small Biz Connect Advisor / Business Connect Advisor with Western Sydney Business Centre that it all became clear – a need to help business owners to kickstart their business, or move it to the next level, but on a global scale.

The formation of FAQ Business Training

Combining on-the-job experience with bite-sized training (when needed) makes sense, and this is where the idea for FAQ Business Training came about. Although the market appears saturated, Jane identified core needs that were not being met – a need for trusted and accurate information, less spruiking while keeping training affordable for more people, and most importantly, filling in the key gaps in knowledge to stop small business owners being ripped off, or failing, through the use of ‘experts’ that simply aren’t. So here we are, a business based on values of transparency, trust, customer needs and helping people to do it yourself (DIY) or outsource with confidence. 

‘International Bestselling Author’

In 2018 Jane shared a slightly expanded version of this story as a chapter in the ‘Amazon International Bestseller’ #BetterWoman BetterWorld. This turned out to be an ‘interesting’ learning experience. It was re-released in 2019 as a paperback book under a new anthology Empowering Women.




Cert IV Training and Assesment

Completed Certificate IV in Training and Assessment with the additional LLN module, via face to face training. Capable trainer, that takes into accounts learner needs and VARK learning methods to keep all learner types catered for.

Cert IV Small Business Management

Completed this Certificate with a focus on general small business management, business finances and marketing.

Cert IV Business and Personal Coaching + PCC

Coaching is about forward thinking, problem solving and empowering the coachee to tap into their own knowledge. When you don’t know the answers, training and advice is great, but when you do know the answers, yet not moving forward, that’s when coaching works best. Since gained ICF PCC coaching credential.


Master of Applied Finance (Merit)

With a background in investment analytics and financial markets, it made sense at the time to complete the MAF qualification. Having great analytical skills, and financial skills that allow reverse engineering, certainly helps Jane to help small businesses.

This helps Jane with cashflow and pricing calculations, and has sharpened Jane’s Excel skills.


Bachelor of Commerce & Admin.

The Bachelor of Commerce and Administration (BCA) was taken straight out of school, alongside an essentially full-time role as a McDonald’s shift manager. Papers studied included commercial law and management. At the time Jane also completed an Associate Award of Banking, NZIM Certificate in Management and NZ Diploma in Business Studies.

NYIP Diploma of Photography

This course was completed remotely but was comprehensive, consisting of 30 lessons across 6 units of study.

Outside of the formal qualification, have completed many short courses in photography including The Creative Eye, Better Photo Wedding Photography and other courses to complement photographic interests.

Mental Health First Aid and First Aid

In 2020 completed Mental Health First Aid accreditation for the first time, and updated First Aid training.

We recognise as a trainer we could be first on the scene at a live event and believe all people should be able to handle and recognise the signs of first aid – both physical and mental.



Herrmann Certified Practitioner HBDI®, short courses and other training

If you haven’t worked out yet, am a constant learner and will attend any courses and training that will help Jane to help others and keep current. Some highlights include HBDI® Herrmann Certified Practitioner, Publish a Book and Grow Rich bootcamp with Gerry Roberts (2.5 days), and B-School (7 weeks) with Marie Forleo.

Graduate, Recipe for SEO Success

Completed late 2017 the Kate Toon ‘big course’ on SEO, as I already had a sound grounding in basic SEO from Google Webmasters and numerous short courses and wanted to take it a step further.

I see SEO as vital to small business success, if you want to get traffic for an affordable price, and SEO techniques flow into other areas too.

Find out where Jane and FAQ Business Training are teaching next

Find out where we will next be running a session (mainly across Western Sydney). If there is demand we will travel. Alternatively contact Jane through the form below to speak about speaking at your event.


If you lasted this long you deserve a fun fact!

Jane has a number of allergies. The weirdest of them would have to be cos lettuce! Iceberg all good, but cos no, no NO! Who knew you could be allergic to cos lettuce? Not me at the time. This took many months of elimination testing to work out. My body is much happier to be in the know!

HBDI® Profile


Jane’s HBDI® profile 1221

Jane’s HBDI® profile is double dominant blue/yellow, which explains why Jane sees the big picture, and also gets into the analytical detail of a topic. Jane is predominantly an upper mode thinker.

Jane’s profile really shows the impact of clusters. When you speak to Jane you’ll get her passion for protecting people, sharing, helping and training. Though these are strong red preferences, Jane barely registers thinking preferences in other red areas like emotion/feeling, spirituality and music.

So if you want to win me over – give me the why, then the facts I can check, and how it will help the people.

Are you interested in finding out your HBDI® profile? Check out what we offer here.


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