2018 – A year in review – and what a mixed one it was!

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As 2018 comes to an inevitable close, what can I (and you) take out of 2018 to ensure a stronger year in 2019? Let’s start with a business review.


Complete a business review 

It is highly recommended to have a quick look back over 2018 and see what you achieved. Firstly, it can surprise and delight you, when maybe you thought it hadn’t been a success. Secondly, it can provide plenty of learnings. If you’re interested in completing a business review you can do our online short course and workbook (apologies currently unavailable while we move platform).


Summary and overall rating …C
plenty of room for improvement!

Live workshops and presentations conducted … 39 including interstate conferences, plus an online summit

Most workshops in a week … 5

Least workshops in a quarter … (Q1, and it looks like Q1 2019 will be low too!)

Emergency operations … 1 too many!

Awards … nominated for, and finalist in Strategic Connector for the Altitude Awards. Technically achieved ‘International Best Selling Author’ status on Amazon – gosh it’s so fake but others claim it! Most sales Small Business Skills Summit.

Property settled … 1 after much arduous hassle! Not business related but ended up taking copious amounts of my time 🙁

New strength identified … can nail a two hour workshop preparing it overnight (but know that I should NOT do this just because I can!)

Social media posting … sporadic – oops!

Website … 2 launched for 2 of my businesses (they need work, but hey they’re up!)

Event run … 1 all day event, pulled together in only 3 weeks as co-organiser, MC and presenter

Alive and kicking … just!


The highlights – what to continue doing

Looking back at what we did well allows us to provide ourselves a pat on the back and boost our self-confidence. After a slow start workshop wise, as doing too many clients for the Western Sydney Business Centre (WSBC) NSW Government funded Business Connect program that led me to create FAQ Business Training in the first place!

Remaining three quarters completed a whopping 39 live events and an online summit! Spoke at conferences/larger events including WordCamp Sydney, WordCamp Brisbane, and BEC Australia Conference in Canberra, as well as CopyCon in Sydney. 

Following CopyCon invited to speak on the panel for the Xero Budget Release and was honoured to be on stage with quality commentators and business heads.

Presented a number of sold out workshops in Western Sydney with great feedback. Invited back to speak at every networking group I’ve presented to. Honestly this makes it all worthwhile. I love to help people!

Nominated and Finalist for the Altitude Awards Strategic Connector of the Year (2nd year running).

Hit bonus targets every quarter for WSBC, and achieved the accolade of most sales for the 60 presenter Small Business Skills Summit.


What should have been a highlight but a lowlight

Achieving International Best Selling Author status (on Amazon) sounds great right … wrong! Firstly, oh so fake how it gets achieved, but more importantly this was one of a number of lessons about working with the wrong person. The editor of this compilation turned about to be a manipulative person preying on innocent and vulnerable victims – of course the type of people she was meant to be helping.

However, the upside has been virtually meeting some of the other authors who are amazing and deserve every success. Let’s hope we can make 2019 achieve something great. Like all ‘mistakes’ though I’ve learned a lot, also was proud of sticking to my values despite this woman bullying me to shut me up, when all I wanted was to see her deliver some of what she promised. 



Health has been a shocker. Unfortunately, emergency gallbladder removal in March was not the wake-up call I expected. In fact, it made things far worse and I ran behind the whole rest of the year. This and the workshop volume led to regular all-nighters and reduced sleep for the rest of the year. Surprisingly till the last few months I survived quite easily until a lower back problem emerged, and with it came sheer exhaustion. Lessons learned – don’t overload myself, practice what I preach by scheduling admin time and downtime, and look after myself and my health more in 2019.

On top of my health, plagued with PowerPoint issues, computer and power cord problems which caused me a lot of suffering and delays for clients. I hope that’s behind me!

The biggest lowlight is not being where I wanted to be with FAQ Business Training at this point. However, let’s be realistic. I have created a lot of great content which I can put to good use (once I fix some issues with my studio set up to reduce post production). 


2019 Intentions

 (to be formulated into SMART goals and action plans)


Continue delivering live workshops including adding events in Wellington, New Zealand (my former hometown), and the Wairarapa, as well as more Australian events, possibly including a trip away.



Get courses and resources online! 



Be more consistent with planning and implementation of actions. Set HABITs to carry me forward.

Manage boundaries – being everything to everyone else doesn’t help me in the long run! Trying to do too much for clients has seen me suffer. I know many clients also share this problem! Setting fair boundaries is important.

More consistent social media and emails (2 in a year isn’t quite enough!)  


Procrastinating! Allow enough downtime so that I don’t collapse in a heap.


Looking after myself and my health.



Finally before moving forward, I would like to thank those who contributed to my journey in 2018. To the people I learned from (I went to as much training as I delivered), to the clients who came to my workshops, and especially those that took the time to give me great feedback. To those contacts I’ve made and relationships that have grown in 2018, thanks so much for your support, collaborations and referrals. 

Courses referred to in this blog

* We have online courses available via Skillshare on ‘Reflection – Review Your Business to position for Success’ and ‘Goal
Setting for Small Business Owners’. Unfortunately at September 2019 these courses are temporarily unavailable as we move platform.

Wishing you every success in 2019!

Cheers! Jane Tweedy, Founder FAQ Business Training


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