FAQ Business Training

If you’re:

  • time poor
  • sick of being ripped off
  • confused by conflicting information
  • wanting an answer to a specific issue
  • or don’t want to mortgage your house for help …

you’re in the right place, with great business training courses!

We love helping small business owners to succeed, by recognising your problems and offering solutions to help you.

FAQ Business Training’s mission is to educate and empower small business owners to ‘do it yourself’ (DIY) or outsource with confidence and avoid being ripped off. We will help small business owners globally to succeed through online training and in-person business training in Western Sydney and Australian conferences.

Online Business Training

Initially we have courses available in person. Soon we will add Udemy and eventually our own online Teachable site.

Live Business Workshops

FAQ Business Training offers workshops and presentations across Western Sydney (and in some cases beyond).

Free Business Training

Who doesn’t like free? We want you to experience our expertise, so we will offer freebies of various types. Coming soon.

Business Planning

Rather than a massively long, or a one page plan, we focus on conscious decision making. We make planning practical. Coming soon.


Coming Soon - Products

FAQ Business Training offers planners, calendars and various tools to help you succeed in business.

* NEW * - SEO Audits

Under FAQ Business Consulting we offer SEO and User Experience (UX) Audits. As we’re independent our audits are a genuine reflection of what you need to do.

Our Latest BLOGS

We provide blogs and vlogs on various business topics.

The 3 Word Challenge for self confidence

The 3 Word Challenge for self confidence

Recently I facilitated a workshop on business introductions. Randomly I threw out there the three word challenge (#the3wordchallenge), so why not share it with more people?! A part of the workshop was looking at our strengths and how we could determine what they are....

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Avoid these sales techniques in webinars

Avoid these sales techniques in webinars

Okay so this is a bit of a rant as well as tips to avoid questionable sales techniques in webinars! Feeling frustrated after yet another bad experience, here are some tips how not to run a webinar if you want to maintain integrity in your business. This blog is also...

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Creating a great business networking introduction

Creating a great business networking introduction

How many times have you had to introduce yourself at a business networking event? What do you say when people ask you ‘what do you do?’ Do you know how to answer them in a way to encourage questions? Creating a great business networking introduction is critical to...

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